SPB Sues Guilderland Over Amusement Park
Pine Bush Has No Need for Mini-Golf

Feb./Mar. 95

On December 5, Save the Pine Bush sued the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Guilderland over its approval of the Karner Dunes Adventure Park. The second largest colony of Karner Blue butterflies in the Pine Bush lives on this site. As the butterflies have no use for batting cages and a mini-indi, and they have a hard time accessing the court system, SPB went to bat for them.

The suit states that the Zoning Board of Appeals failed to take a hard look at the significant environmental impacts of the project in that the Board failed to determine whether the 2000 acre minimum preserve necessary for survival of the Pine Bush ecology could be achieved without the entire site. Additionally, the Zoning Board of Appeals failed to determine whether the developers should be a made to apply for a taking permit for the Karner Blue butterfly, an endangered species, as is required by Environmental Conservation Law.

The Pine Bush is a fun place to be, just as it is. People can enjoy the Pine Bush without an artificial amusement park.

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