Happy Birthday, Founding Volunteer, Lynne Jackson! Thank you for all you do to Save the Pine Bush! 🦋

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November SPB Dinner Speakers

Now We’ve Got A Bond Act: Jeff Jones of Environmental Advocates By Daniel Van Riper Jeff Jones, of Environmental Advocates, speaking at the November lasagna dinner at !st Presbyterian Church in Albany, had an interesting story about the origins of the Bond Act, which, of course, is now in effect. Earlier this year, Environmental Advocates November SPB Dinner Speakers

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What is the Pine Bush? The Pine Bush is the only sizable inland pine barrens sand dunes in the United States, and is recognized world&endash;wide as a unique pine barrens ecosystem. It contains over 300 species of vertebrate animals, over 1,500 species of plants, and over 10,000 species of insects and other invertebrate animals. Many Virtual Exhibit

Welcome to Save the Pine Bush!

45 years of fighting for the Pine Bush Now is a great time to visit the Albany Pine Bush to see the Lupine in full bloom! News Articles from April / May 2023 Newsletter The Costco Public Hearing & Climate Change – Lynne Jackson Ward Stone — NYS Wildlife Pathologist Worked for the People – Welcome to Save the Pine Bush!