Another opportunity to Ask Albany County to Dedicate Funds to Buy Pine Bush Lands. Mon Dec 5 6:30 PM PLEASE offer a PUBLIC COMMENT before the budget vote:

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Albany County & Banning Styrofoam

Tom Ellis ALBANY, NY The Albany County Legislature is considering legislation that would extend the ban on the use of one-time use (take-out) food and beverage polystyrene foam containers from restaurants and eateries with fifteen or more establishments in the US (enacted three years ago) to all restaurants and eateries in the county. A public Albany County & Banning Styrofoam

An Albany County Environmental Mystery

by John Wolcott A great unanswered environmental acquisition mystery of the Capital District is the long failed Albany County Historic and Nature Preserve and Historic and Nature Preserve Trust Law of 1976. This law was never implemented. About the only thing ever done with this well designed and well intended law was to place the An Albany County Environmental Mystery

SPB Newsletters Listed by Date – 2010s

2020s 🦋 2010s 🦋 2000s 🦋 1990s Search Newsletter Archives: 2019 🦋 2018 🦋 2017 🦋 2016 🦋 2015 🦋 2014 🦋 2013 🦋 2012 🦋 2011 🦋 2010 2019 Newsletter 🦋 December/January 2019-20 Newsletter Download printable PDF version Listen to the Podcasts Merton Simpson — Fighting Environmental Racial Injustice, December/January 2019 Air Pollution in SPB Newsletters Listed by Date – 2010s

Bill Aylward and Gene Messercola

ALBANY: Bill Aylward and Gene Messercola spoke at the January vegetarian lasagna dinner at the First Presbyterian Church in Albany. Both Mr. Aylward and Mr. Messercola spoke bout the one important thing Albany County can do for Pine Bush preservation: donate all tax delinquent properties located in the Pine Bush to the Pine Preserve. Tax Bill Aylward and Gene Messercola

Lafarge Can’t Burn Tires!

By Tom Ellis, June/July 2021 Newsletter HUDSON RIVER VALLEY: Residents of Hudson River valley, but especially Ravena and Coeymans, won a great victory on May 5 when the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) commissioner issued a short statement revoking its prior authorization for the Lafarge cement company’s to burn tires at its Ravena cement Lafarge Can’t Burn Tires!

The Poor People’s Campaign

by Tom Ellis ALBANY, NY: Joe Paparone of the Labor-Religion Coalition of NYS and former Albany Common Council member Vivian Kornegay spoke about The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Renewal (PPC), at the April 18 SPB dinner. Joe described himself as a sax player but not a singer, and works on immigration The Poor People’s Campaign

Merton Simpson — Fighting Environmental Racial Injustice

ALBANY, NY: Albany County Legislator Merton Simpson spoke about “Fighting Environmental Racial Injustice” at the October 16, 2019 SPB dinner. He began saying, “I see one of my environmental heroes–Ward Stone–here.” [Ward is the legendary and now retired wildlife pathologist (1969-2010) of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.] Merton said, “We live in perilous times, Merton Simpson — Fighting Environmental Racial Injustice

State Recognizes The Promised Land

by Lynn Rothenberg GUIDLERLAND: A piece of local African-American history has received state recognition. While residents have long called the neighborhood the Promised Land, the state will now recognize it as the Rapp Road District. The designation by the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is due to one woman’s efforts. The district State Recognizes The Promised Land

Willow Street Again

Willow Street Again   Guilderland Holds Steady History In The Making? By Daniel Van Riper The people have spoken, and the politicians are running to catch up to reality. Nobody with even a shred of self-respect wants to see the evil and rapacious Pyramid Corporation expand Crossgates Mall and possibly eventually plant a mega-casino. The Willow Street Again