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Protest of Bulldozing Avila House
December 10, 2002

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In the bitter cold, about a dozen people came out to protest the bulldozing of the Avila House site. Though Save the Pine Bush had lost all of its appeals in the courts, we know that we are legally, morally and ethically right. No more construction should be made in the Pine Bush.


Roll 21 - 1

Avila House site looking west from Columbia Circle Drive

Roll 21 - 2

Avila House site with bulldozer and bulldozed trees piled in front

Roll 21 - 7

Protesters walk down Columbia Circle Drive in freezing cold

Roll 21 - 8

Sandra Camp and John Wolcott hold Save the Pine Bush sign

Roll 21 - 9

Protesters show signs to cars passing by

Roll 21 - 10

Temperatures hovered around 10 degrees, walking kept us warm.

Roll 21 - 11

Protesters stand in front of sign advertising for Avila House

Roll 21 - 12 A passer-by brought us all coffee, for which we are deeply grateful.

Roll 21 - 13

Lynne Jackson and John Wolcott have a friendly chat with an Albany Police Officer about safely protesting.

Roll 21 - 14 Two police cars were sent to talk to the protesters.
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