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Vegetarian/Vegan Lasgana Dinner

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

6:00 PM Dinner • 7:00 Presentation

John Ciovacco

President of Aztech Geothermal

will speak about

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems as One Solution to Climate Change

Geothermal heat Pump systems take advantage of the sun’s solar energy stored by the earth in the winter and use the ground as a relatively cool thermal sink in the summer. John Ciovacco will explain how geothermal energy works, and how this method can be used to heat and cool buildings instead of fossil fuels

The space several hundred feet deep within the earth is significantly warmer than outside air temperature in winter and cooler than air temperature in summer. Passageways are bored into the earth and tubes are placed in the borings. Liquid is passed through the tubes and the thermal energy is transferred from deep within the earth to the buildings. Geothermal technology can help stave off climate change by reducing the need for fossil fuels.

Aztech Geothermal is the only firm in Upstate New York to have the full complement of experienced geologists, professional engineers and our own highly trained field personnel all under one roof.

Aztech’s own facility system using geothermal heat pumps, which was designed and installed in 2006, has realized savings of 60% versus comparable buildings with conventional heating and air conditioning systems. Recently the company pioneered a unique solar thermal/geothermal hybrid system, greatly extending the utilization of solar thermal technology.

Geothermal technology is used to heat and cool residences, commercial buildings and large public buildings. Three state Capitols currently utilize geothermal heating and cooling: Colorado, Oklahoma and Michigan.

The feasibility of utilizing geothermal technology as part of the solution to the Empire State Plaza’s heating and cooling needs should be investigated.

At the Westminster Presbyterian Church, 85 Chestnut Street (people with cars can park in the lot near the door). All-you-can-eat vegetarian/vegan lasagna dinner with garlic bread, salad and desserts. Only $12 for adults, $6 for students, and $2 for children. People who make reservations are served first. For reservations, please leave a message for Rezsin Adams at 462-0891 or email pinebush@mac.com.

at Westminster Presbyterian Church
85 Chestnut Street, Albany, NY

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