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Karner Blue Butterfly Links

Eastern-Tailed Blue - Marietta College, looks like a Karner Blue, but its not
The Karner Blue - a summary of the naming of the Karner Blue by Nabokov
Family Lycaenidaes - Michigan University
The Karner Blue - Center for Private Conservation
The Karner Blue - Endangered Species Facts, US Fish and Wildlife
The Karner Blue - Little Missouri National Park
The Karner Blue - The Nature Conservancy is boasting of its tiny preserve in Wilton, NY
Wisconsin Statewide Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement
Wisconsin Karner Blue Information
The Karner Blue - Wisconsin Environmental Education for Kids
Chipper Woods Bird Observatory, Indiana, Karner Blue Page
The Karner Blue butterfly captive rearing program in Concord, New Hampshire
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Karner Blue Page
U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Karner Blue Fact Sheet
The Karner Blue Butterfly, by Jonathon Tolman
Wisconsin Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife Karner Blue Butterfly
National Wildlife Federation Karner Blue Page
Town of Queensbury, New York, Karner Blue Page
Indiana Dune National Lakeshore Karner Blue Page
Oak Openings, Ohio, Karner Blue Page


Other Butterflies

The Butterfly WebSite - A page dedicated to providing the most complete information on butterfly gardening, farming, ecology and education.

Environmental/Activist Groups

Environmental Site of the Week Awards - Amazing list of environmental organizations

Links to Court Cases that Cite Save the Pine Bush Lawsuits

Writings of Interest

Noah's Choice - The Future of Endangered Species - A Right-wing book that trys to prove "prove" that big government has imposed environmentalism, land preservation and endangered species protection on an unwilling and uncomprehending populace.

Organizations of Interest

About the First Presbyterian Church of Albany - Host for our monthly dinners

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