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Save the Pine Bush

Starry Summer Night Hike with Andy Arthur


Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Meet at: Pine Bush Discovery Center parking lot, east side of Route 155, opposite Old State Road.
For GPS - 195 New Karner Road, Albany NY 12205

Leader: Andy ArthurFor More Information: (518) 281-9873 • andy@andyarthur.org

As we head through August, summer starts to wind down with sunset around 7:45 pm, but the evenings are still warm and pleasant. Join Andy for a hike of the Pine Bush, observing wildlife, listening to the crickets, and doing some star gazing after the sun sets for the evening. Wear long pants; bring tick spray, and a ashlight. Consider bringing a smartphone with a star identi cation app.You should bring a ashlight, as it may start getting dark by the time the hike is ending.

The hike is free and open to the public.
Bring your friends!

A Note:

Save The Pine Bush is in need of more
hike leaders.

For the last few years ; the Save the Pine Bush outing leaders have been Andy Arthur, Claire Nolan and John Wolcott. Our outing events are once a month, always on a Saturday and usually the third or fourth Saturday. We three, however, are not always readily available and we’ve come close to having no hike at all for a given month as happened for the first time ever last month. To prevent this from happening again, we are appealing for more volunteer leaders.

With more leaders we can hopefully have hikes lead by persons with more time and less competing obligations for any given hike date. I and Andy are generally available for going over data about various Pine Bush area and routes. Please e-mail the Newsletter at pinebush@mac.com or call Andy Arthur at (518) 281-9873 or email andy@andyarthur.org if you are interested in volunteering for this. Hope to see you out on the trail!

Information for all hikes:

Note: Please wear appropriate protective clothing for the danger of ticks, bring deet or insect repellent to use before beginning the walk. Please take the usual cautions against ticks, and take the diseases they can cause seriously. Wear long pants, long sleeves,high boots or tuck pants in socks.Please stick to middle of path as much as possible . Check carefully fo rticks right after the walk and again as soon as you get home. We want everyone to be safe as you enjoy the outdoors!

Hike Free and Open to the Public!
Bring your friends!

Take the Bus!!!

And, you can now take the bus to the Pine Bush! The CDTA Suburban North Line now has a policy of letting people off at the Pine Bush Discovery Center on Saturdays only and only if you ask the drive to stop there.


For bike rides:

We will travel on the streets together, and follow all traffic laws. Please wear a helmet. Please note, all CDTA buses are equipped with bike racks, in case you want to use a bus for part of your trip to and from the beginning and end of the bike ride.


This page last modified August 18, 2019
Contact Save the Pine Bush at pinebush@mac.com