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They're Late, But They're Back!

by Daniel W. Van Riper, June/July 90

The walk in the Pine Bush on May 26 hosted by John Wolcott and Mark Plaat found no butterflies, and blue lupine just beginning to flower. The walk led by Lynne Jackson and Daniel Van Riper on June 2, however, saw the lupine in full bloom and the first butterflies scattered here and there.

Some two dozen enthusiasts, many armed with high powered cameras, marched up and down the dunes demanding that the little beggars come out of the brush and pose for photographers. Not known as early risers, they showed themselves late in the walk around noon, when the day was hottest. The ones seen were stunningly bright, almost purple in color, much like the lupine flowers. Since their wings fade and become frayed around the edges as they get older, these were apparently no more than a day old. As always, they fluttered around the humans and posed for pictures. They should still be out when this newsletter arrives, so get out there and see them while you can.

At the end of the June 2 walk, a group of 10 people from Cornell University in Ithaca arrived to observe the butterflies. They were led by Robert Dirig, Asst. Curator of the Bailey Hortorium at Cornell, a lepidopterist who has long been interested in the Pine Bush and the Karner Blue. We hope there will always be a Pine Bush for people from everywhere to enjoy.

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