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Hearings Set for the Albany Corridor
Study by the NYS Thruway

Tuesday, May 11, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, at Draper Middle School, 2070 Curry Road, Schenectady

Wednesday, May 12, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, Bishop Maginn High School, 99 Slingerlands Street, Albany


The New York State Thruway is proposing massive changes to the thruway from exits 21 to exit 25. The Pine Bush is bisected by the Thruway, and exits 24 and 25 are located in the Pine Bush. Changes in the Thruway could have a major impact on the Pine Bush ecosystem.

Save the Pine Bush urges all people to attend one of these meetings to express their concerns about the impact of possible changes in the thruway to the Pine Bush. In addition, Save the Pine Bush advocates the following positions:

1) Construction of the Thruway was the first major fragmentation of the Pine Bush ecosystem, cutting the Pine Bush in half. The Thruway Authority should mitigate this original destruction of Pine Bush ecosystem: the Thruway Authority should be required to purchase all of the remaining Pine Bush ecosystem.

2) As this is the “Albany corridor”, the Thruway Authority could add a 5¢ sure charge for each exit, and use this money to purchase all of the remaining Pine Bush ecosystem.

3) The Thruway Authority needs to look at alternative forms of transit. Automobiles are one of the most significant causes of air pollution. Constructing more and wider roads only brings more cars; widening the Thruway will only cause more congestion and air pollution. Instead of spending millions to create more roads, the Thruway Authority should examine light rail, electric buses, safe bicycle paths, and other forms of transit.

4) Save the Pine Bush categorically opposes any proposal that would take land from the Preserve.

In addition, there is a proposal for a flyover for exit 24 which will significantly impact the McKownville neighborhood.

For more information, check the NYS Thruway Authority website at http://www.thruway.state.ny.us/studies/index.html (there are maps to download) and the FORCE website: http://www.capital.net/~force/calp1.htm

This page last modified January 20, 2019
Contact Save the Pine Bush at pinebush@aol.com.