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News from Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Requests written public comments on Management Plan


Members of the public are invited to provide written comments towards the process of reviewing and/or amending the 2002 Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Comments can address all aspects of the Commission’s work including land protection, habitat or natural resource management, public education and recreation. Comments are due by 4:00pm August 31, 2007 and may be mailed via postal service or email to:, Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, c/o Margaret Stein, 195 New Karner Road, Albany, New York 12205, mstein@tnc.org

Interested members of the public are encouraged to participate in this process. The 2002 Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Albany Pine Bush is available on the Commission’s website at www.albanypinebush.org. The Executive Summary of the document may also be downloaded from the website. Hard copies of the plan may be reviewed at the Commission’s offices at 195 New Karner Road in Albany and at area libraries.

In 1988, Article 46 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) created the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission. This law established the Commission’s mission as the protection and management of the unique and endangered natural communities and species of the Albany Pine Bush, for ecological benefits and controlled and appropriate recreational and educational use. ECL Article 46 also required the preparation of a management plan, which was adopted in 1993. In 1996 the Commission adopted the “Protection and Project Review Implementation Guidelines” which were a supplement and amendment to the 1993 plan. In 2002 the Commission adopted the Management Plan and FEIS as a comprehensive update to earlier plans. ECL Article 46 requires that the Commission review the management plan every five years with public input, and that the Commission shall propose amendments to the management plan as they are deemed to be necessary and appropriate.


Located within the Capital District Region, the Albany Pine Bush represents one of the best remaining world-wide examples of an inland pine barrens ecosystem. This gently rolling sand plain is home to a more than 40 types of wildlife considered to be Species of Greatest Conservation Need in New York State, including the endangered Karner blue butterfly. Intense efforts by the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission have protected over 3,010 acres of this beautiful ecosystem. Additional acres, in cooperation with willing landowners will be added until the Preserve is complete.

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission consists of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation, City of Albany, Towns of Colonie, and Guilderland, The Nature Conservancy, Albany County and four private citizen representatives. The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission was created by the NYS Legislature in 1988 to protect and manage the unique and endangered natural communities and species of the Albany Pine Bush for ecological, recreational and educational benefits.

Please call 518-456-0655 ext.1215 or visit www.albanypinebush.org for more information.

This page last modified August 18, 2019
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