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The Orange Leachate of

Rapp Road


ALBANY: Bert Schou, Save the Pine Bush volunteer, took some amazing photos of the Rapp Road leachate flowing out of a pipe coming from the landfill into the southern arm of Lake Rensselaer. The photos, taken in early May, show the bright orange color of the stream. One photo shows a frog trying to get by in this surreal-colored water.

Since the SPB newsletter is not printed in color, we can’t show you these photos here. Fortunately, Dan Van Riper over at AlbanyWebLog.com, posted a good article about the leachate, complete with photos on May 25. See http://www.albanyweblog.com/2009/05-May/05-25-09.php or go to albanyweblog.com and click on the May 25 article.

Bert Schou also made a very impressive display at the Tulipfest of the photos he took and water samples showing the various colors of water from different pipes coming from the landfill. Save the Pine Bush thinks it is time of the City to discover why there are three different colored waters coming from three different pipes.




Published in the June/July 2009 Newsletter

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