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Bonding for Landfill “Restoration”

Action Alert!


ALBANY: The Albany Common Council is considering voting on bonding $2.35 million for the restoration project of the Albany landfill. This “restoration” is the extremely expensive project where the capped-over section of the landfill is being “restored” to Pine Bush ecosystem.

Common Council Member Leah Golby has said that the Common Council is poised to vote for the bonding, without even the most basic information about the success or failure of the landfill restoration project to date.

These are Save the Pine Bush’s demands:

1) Save the Pine Bush demands that reports on the success or failure of the landfill “restoration” project be made public before any vote is taken on bonding to continue the landfill restoration project.

2) No more bonding for the landfill restoration project should be approved unless it is proven to work

3) Purchasing privately-owned Pine Bush ecosystem and adding it to the Preserve is a better way to expand, protect and preserve the Pine Bush. The Common Council should use the landfill restoration funds to buy land.

In the upcoming weeks, there will be opportunities to comment on the bonding for the restoration. We will be sending out Action Alerts for people to come out and speak up for preserving the Pine Bush by purchasing land to add to the Preserve. If you would like to receive notices, please email pinebush@mac.com






Published in March/April, 2012 Save the Pine Bush Newsletter

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