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SUNYA Destroys
Pine Bush for Sprawl


The University at Albany (SUNYA) has decided that building sprawl-type dormitories surrounded by asphalt parking lots is more important than Pine Bush preservation. In July, SUNYA began bull-dozing 29 acres of Pine Bush located on the campus to make-way for thoroughly modern sprawl.

Save the Pine Bush is horrified that the University would treat the Pine Bush in such an arbitrary manner. The public was not invited to comment on SUNYA’s plans, and getting copies of the proposed plan took SPB six weeks. As far as Save the Pine Bush can determine, no public hearings were held, no discussion of alternatives were reviewed, and no plat plans were available for viewing. People concerned about Pine Bush preservation were completely ignored.

There are many alternatives to constructing typical parking lots and sprawl for student housing. SUNYA has a planning program, it should have used that resource to design the new dormitories. There are vast parking lots at SUNYA; 25 years ago when I attended the University, these parking lots were empty. Why? Because students rarely had cars on campus and the bus system was better then that it is today. SUNYA needs to vastly improve the transportation system and severely restrict the use of cars by students.

Appalled at what this institute of higher learning is doing? Please write to Karen Hitchcock, President, University at Albany, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222.

Printed in the August, September, 2001 Newsletter

This page last modified January 20, 2019
Contact Save the Pine Bush at pinebush@aol.com.