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Books for Butterflies


Need to make room on your bookshelf? Don't know what to do with that box of books in your attic or basement? Still have those old record albums that you haven't listened to in years? Well now you can put them to good use by donating them to the cause of Pine Bush preservation!

Save the Pine Bush is planning a book & music sale fundraiser this year and we need your help! We need your unwanted books, record albums, tapes, and CD's that are in good condition. Sometime this spring or summer, SPB will sell these donated items to raise money for our preservation efforts. Over the next few months you can bring your books and music to Save the Pine Bush dinners, or you can make arrangements to have someone pick them up by calling Tim Kostoroski at 273-0569. Books and records must be in cardboard boxes in order for us to accept them.

Books should be in good condition, with covers and bindings intact. Records must have sleeves. Please note, we cannot accept the following: Textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, books without covers, books with mildew or other damage.

Recycling books and helping the Pine Bush at the same time. What a deal! Thank you very much for your support.

Printed in the February/March 2002 Newsletter

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