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September 2002 Events


Support Bicycling & Join a Leisurely Ride through Albany

Monday, September 30 at 5:00 PM
Meet, with your bicycle, in Albany, at the Civil War Monument in Washington Park(near the intersection of State Street and Henry Johnson Blvd.)

Critical Mass, an group of people who promote bicycling as a valid transportation method, meet the last Monday of each month to take a leisurely ride through Albany. Following all traffic rules, Critical Mass riders bike two-by-two in one lane of traffic. Riders will occasionally let others know of their purpose by chanting. (The new chant used on the August, 2002 ride was, “Burn fat, not gas, another bicyclist for Critical Mass!“) Critical Mass riders promote the idea that bicyclists have as much right to the road as gas-burning vehicles. For a little exercise, and must camaraderie, join Critical Mass for their September ride.

Cool New York

A Global Warming Summit
sponsored by Environmental Advocates of NY
and the National Council of Churches of Christ
November 20, 2002

Join local activists, environmental groups and faith community leaders for a Global Warming Summit. Help plan how to reduce our impact on global climate change in local communities and through state policy, and exchange local organizing strategies to stop global warming. Cool New York will be held on November 20 in Albany. For more information and to register, contact Christine Vanderlan, EANY, at 518-462-5526 ext. 240 or mailto: cvanderlan@eany.org.

Quality Communities

October, 4 to 6

The 2002 Conference on the Environment sponsored by the NYS Association of Environmental Management Councils and the NYS Association of Conservation Commissions. Email Lee Younge for registration information at: lhy2@cornell.edu or 607-734-4453.

Printed in the September 2002 Newsletter

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