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Crossgates Maul

An Index of Articles


Crossgates Maul has been in the news today all around the country for having a shopper arrested for wearing a t-shirt that said "Peace on Earth"

Crossgates is often in the news, and here is a collection of news stories that will tell you a little bit about this mall that destroyed 180 acres of Pine Bush and Karner Blue Butterfly ecosystem.

Contact Crossgates at:
1 Crossgates Mall Road
Albany, NY 12203

Pyamid Crossgates Mall, articles from Newspapers:

Opinion - Crossgates crosses the line, Daily Gazette, 3/6/03
Mall: Drop charge in T-shirt case, Daily Gazette, 3/6/03
Opinion - Tempest over a T-shirt, Times Union, 3/5/03

'Peace' T-shirt prompts arrest Mall patron faces trespass charge, Daily Gazette, 3/5/03

Read the police complaint at The Smoking Gun.
Activists protest mall after arrest of man wearing peace shirt, NewsDay.com, 3/5/03
Lawyer Arrested for Wearing a 'Peace' T-Shirt, Reuters 3/4/03
Guilderland Wins Mall Tax Assessment Dispute, Times Union, 3/1/03
Anti-War Activists Asked to Leave Mall, Times Union, 12/22/02
AFRAID, OUT $100, NO ONE TO HELP - Guilderland Mother of girl robbed at Crossgates says guard failed to properly assist her, Times Union, 1/11/03

7 More to Answer Pyramid Racketeering Claims, Times Union, 9/20/02

Or read articles that have appeared in the Save the Pine Bush newsletter over the years:

Index of Crossgates Maul Stories

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