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January 23 Hearing
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The critical Public Hearing at Niskayuna Town Hall,
for a Special Use Permit, will be on
Tuesday, January 23, 2007 at 7 p.m.

The developer's goal for the special permit would allow a shopping mall to be created at the State Street and Balltown Road site of the present parklands and mansion of Ingersoll/Stanford.

All interested people will be able to express their views on the proposed destruction of the grove of large trees and dismemberment of the building.

After a year of public outcry against the terrible plan, developer John Roth of Schenectady has decided he will destroy only the ca.1840 section and the ca.1950s sections of the grand and useful building, but will graciously permit the 1816 section to remain. That historic structure would be altered and converted into a restaurant. But no notable historic preservation person has been invited to consult with developer Roth to preserve the historic details of this building, and no guarantee has been put in place to insure that the building and its special setting upon a graceful hill, will remain in its present artistic relationship.

On the contrary, this land, the highest on the roadway for miles between Albany and Schenectady, will be leveled around most all but the foundation, to permit the greatest number of ugly and 'modern' strip mall style buildings to encircle and violate the beauty of this place.

As with many current sprawl-developers, money and not artistic talent or good community designing, mark their drive to create commercial establishments where no public need exists. Thus, great and beautiful trees, open space and a grand setting of a beautiful red brick building will be eliminated from the public consciousness. And this area of Niskayuna and Schenectady County will be totally bereft of elegance and the sense of joy that comes from such a combination. The people who let this travesty happen are often able to retreat, with their money, to places they have bought for themselves where attractive land still surrounds their own homes.

Why such men and women with little community commitment are permitted to exercise their single purpose, to make money at the expense of our community rights to an attractive and shared 'common,' is a terrible trend in America.

Will hundreds of people come to Niskayuna Town Hall and say to this five-member Town Board, "Enough! No more stores in this special place. There is an entire and sufficient Mall across the street. Leave this beauty alone."

That is the hope of the Friends of Stanford Home!

Linda Champagne