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Save the Pine Bush

Comments on the City of Albany's Solid Waste Management Plan

Download SPB's Comments here

Save the Pine Bush
Files Suit over the Landfill!!
We ask for an injunction

Press Conference - on the steps of Albany City Hall, Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 5:00 PM
Read the Verified Petition (lawsuit)
Read the Honorable Dominick Calsolaro's Affidavit
Read the Honorable Corey Ellis' Affidavit

Read the NYS Landfill Study: incidences of cancer in residents living near 38 Landfills

Download the pdf flyer here

Last Chance to Be Heard on the
Proposed Expansion of the Rapp Road
Landfill in the Pine Bush

Are you concerned about

• Stink of the landfill • Respiratory problems • Water pollution • Public health effects
• Toxic fumes • Quality of life
• Property values • Loss of more Pine Bush

The Village of Colonie has called for a Public Meeting on the proposed landfill expansion. Save the Pine Bush believes that the voices of people living near and affected by the landfill have been ignored by the City of Albany and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Now is the time for people to tell our public officials how the landfill has impacted their lives and how approving the expansion will affect their health and well-being. The Village officials are providing this forum for everyone concerned about the proposed expansion.

Public Meeting -
Wednesday, April 22 7:00 PM

Village of Colonie Family Recreation Center, 2 Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205

The official notice for this meeting is on this pdf flyer. You may sign up to speak ahead of time or come to the meeting and decide to speak that evening. Everyone who attends and wants to speak will be heard. Or, just attend and listen to what your neighbors are saying about the proposed expansion.

Join the fight! Join the
Save the Pine Bush Landfill
Committee Meeting

Email pinebush@mac.com for more info

Join Save the Pine Bush on FaceBook

Join the Landfill Discussion List

Save the Pine Bush Landfill
Committee Meeting

Want to get involved? Want to see a sustainable solution to the solid waste problem? Join the Save the Pine Bush Landfill Committee! Next meeting:
Tuesday, April 7 at 6:30 PM

Albany Public Library, 161 Washington Avenue, Albany, 12210, 2nd Floor
Large Conference Room

The Public is Invited to the Solid Waste Management Plan

Steering Committee
March 17, 2009 – 4:00 PM
200 Henry Johnson Boulevard, Albany

The agenda includes Institutional and Implementation Alternatives, Waste Flow Control, Special Purpose Authority or Agency, Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling and Criteria for Evaluating New Technologies.

Reference, Times Union articles about the proposed
Landfill Expansion
, 2004 to 2008 (3.4 MB download)

Media Reports on the DEC Hearing on the Landfill:

Editorial: End excuses for Albany landfill, Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dump expansion rapped - Residents urge state to reject Albany's plan to add years to city landfill, By BRIAN NEARING, Staff writer, Times Union, Thursday, December 4, 2008

Listen to report on WAMC, December 4, 2008

Watch Channel 13 Report on December 3, 2008

Come to the Next Save the Pine Bush
Landfill Committee Meeting:
Wednesday, November 5 at 7:00 PM
85 Chestnut Street
For more info, email pinebush@mac.com

Public Hearing Scheduled for

Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 7:00 PM

at the
Polish Community Center
Washington Ave. Ext.
(Please note change in date of the hearing)

This hearing may be your only chance to comment on the proposed landfill expansion in the Pine Bush.

It is extremely important for everyone who cares about the Pine Bush attend this hearing. Stay informed, sign up for the Subscribe to the Save the Pine Bush listserv to receive information about meetings and actions relating to the proposed landfill expansion.

Save the Pine Bush believes it is an outrage for DEC to give citizens less than 30 days notice of the hearing. If you are outraged too, please contact:

Angelo (Andy) Marcuccio
Environmental Analyst 2
Division of Environmental Permits
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Region 4
1130 N. Westcott Road
Schenectady, NY 12306-2014
Telephone (518) 357-2446
Fax (518) 357-2460
E-mail: aamarcuc@gw.dec.state.ny.us


Related documents:

Save the Pine Bush's objection to short notice of hearing

Notice of Complete Application

Solid Waste Management Plan Modification - Very important to read

Website with all documents related to the proposed landfill expansion - This website is maintained by the City's consultants.

Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Get Involved!

DEC sends City of Albany memos regarding "Notice of Incomplete Application" for the proposed landfill expansion in the Pine Bush. None of this information was shared with the public until uncovered by the press. Read the three memos:

February 4, 2008

November 19, 2007

October 15, 2007


Important Common Council Landfill Update Meeting

Held on Tuesday, December 11, 5:15 PM, 2007
Albany City Hall, Second Floor, Eagle Street Albany.

This important meeting was intended to provide an update of the City of Albany’s proposed landfill expansion in the Pine Bush.
The slide presentation given by Steve Apfelbaum at a recent SPB dinner was not shown for discussion and reference because everyone present had already seen it. Other topics on the proposed landfill expansion for update and discussion are:
1.status of expansion application
2.gas to energy proposals
3.carbon credits
4.odor management & air quality testing
5.single stream recycling
6.recycling bank program
A public comment period will be included. It is important that as many people as possible attend to express interest in the proposed expansion.


Subscribe to the Save the Pine Bush listserv - Save the Pine Bush has a listserv. If you join, you will receive information about meetings and actions relating to the proposed landfill expansion.

Join a committee to take action! Save the Pine Bush has organized committees to study the proposed landfill expansion, and many issues surrounding the expansion. Email the committee chair to receive information about meetings and actions.

Committee Information:

Description Chair
Research Research solutions to solid waste, encourage reduction & reuse, easier recycling systems. Also, air testing and research other revenue sources for the City of Albany Lynne Lyons
Letter writing, lobbying, write letters to the editor, working on publicity and outreach to community members. Also, work on tort lawsuit case. Lynne Jackson
Signs & Shirts Work on making signs and t-shirts to get out the message. Claire Nolan
FOIL Examine Department of Environmental Conservation records acquired under FOIL - Freedom of Information Law. Bert Schou
Regionalization Examine issue of regionalization and how it relates to the issue of the landfill Tom Gillespie
Health Survey Conduct a health survey of neighbors of the landfill. Tom Ellis

Read More details:
Stop the Landfill Expansion — Get Involved!

Read about the
Landfill Scandal

The Goal is to Phase Out Landfills
Val Washinton Speaks to Save the Pine Bush, Aug/Sept 07

Hot line, methane, recycling answers needed, written by DOMINICK CALSOLARO, Aug/Sept 07

News from our SCRAP Friends, Aug/Sept 07

We Have the Power, Aug/Sept 07

We Want the Bigger Better Bottle Bill!, Jun/Jul 07

The Dump Expansion is for Who?, Jun/Jul 07

Albany places in dirty dozen, City’s decision to expand dump into preserve lands it on environmental group’s list of polluter, Jun/Jul 07

Proposed Landfill Expansion a Collision of Factors, State Needs to Take Action — An Opinion, Apr/May 07

Action Guide to Citizens who can’t stand the smell or who think the Pine Bush is no place for a dump, Apr/May 07

Massive Opposition to Proposed Landfill Expansion, Apr/May 07

Expansion of the Landfill in the
Pine Bush — The Battle Begins!
, Jan 07

What Part of the Pine Bush Does the
City Want for Allied Waste?
, Dec/Jan 07

Read about the Proposed Landfill Expansion on Pine Bush Preserve

Trash Deal Raise Stink - Times Union 10/22/06

Foes Trash Dump Contract - Times Union 10/23/06

AlbanyWebLog Comments

Garbage or the Pine Bush? - City of Albany Proposes to take Pine Bush for its third landfill expansion proposal, published October, 2006

Assemblyman John McEneny Speaks about the Landfill, published October, 2006

Summer, 2006

Though the Albany City Council to voted for a home rule message to ask the NYS Legislature to remove 10 acres of Pine Bush Preserve for the landfill expansion, because of all of the lobbying of our supporters, Assemblyman Jack McEneny killed the legislation and did not allow it to come up for a vote.

Contact Assemblyman Jack McEneny and thank him for killing the legislation!
LOB 648
Albany, NY 12248

What is our next step? Ask the Albany Common Council to actively start looking at how to solve the solid waste and financial issues of the landfill.

So, call your Common Council member and ask them to actively take up this issue to save our City and save the Pine Bush.

Read relevent documents:

First step in landfill expansion approved — Pine Bush panel OKs digging of test wells, but McEneny blocks state bill to add acreage - Printed in the Times Union

Two articles published in the Times Union regarding the Temporary Revokable Permit given to the City to dig test wells.

Legal opinion by Peter Henner regarding needing to alienate Preserve land prior to completing requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act provisions

Daily Gazette editorial, "Albany landfill deal has a funny odor"

Reasons to oppose removing land from the Preserve for a landfill.

Assembly Bill removing land from the Preserve

Speech by Lynne Jackson given to the Albany Common Council on June 5, 2006, offering a solution to the landfill issue.

Letter written by Save the Pine Bush to the Albany County District Attorney regarding illegal bulldozing.

What should we do
with the GARBAGE??

Mayor Jennings of the City of Albany is proposing to take land out of the Pine Bush Preserve to expand the landfill.

Save the Pine Bush believes this will be the beginning of the end of the Pine Bush Preserve. But, what do we do with the garbage?

Landfill Links

Its not a Garbage Problem — Its an Economic Problem, Commissioner Bruce speaks to Save the Pine Bush, - published in the July/Aug 06 newsletter

City of Albany Attempts to Sneak Legislation Past the Public Removing Land from the Pine Bush Preserve, - published in the July/Aug 06 newsletter

Letter to the Editor - Bigger Better Bottle Bill, - published in the July/Aug 06 newsletter

The Albany Common Council –The Debate and the Vote, - published in the July/Aug 06 newsletter

The Albany Common Council –Editorial Comment by Lynne Jackson, - published in the July/Aug 06 newsletter

City of Albany Illegally Bulldozes
Albany Pine Bush Preserve - Press Release May 5, 2006

No Magic Bullet: Solving the Garbage Problem - published in the May/June 2006 newsletter

A Plan for Planning - published in the May/June 2006 newsletter

Waste to Energy Seems Like A Good Idea, But Is It Good For The Environment? - Written to Save the Pine Bush by Jim Travers, February 21, 2006

Action Alert, Call or write your New York State Legislators, 1/25/06

Save the Pine Bush sues Mayor Jennings and the City of Albany over the proposed landfill expansion, 1/18/06

Papers filed in the lawsuit:
Memorandum of Law
Verified Petition

Albany targets barrens again - Jennings says 10 acres dedicated to Pine Bush are needed for landfill, printed in the Times Union, 1/26/06

Common Council votes to Suppress Public Comment, Jan/Feb 06

What to do with the Garbage , Jan/Feb 06

Albany Wants to Dedicate a Dump to the Preserve , November 2005

Albany Landfill Expansion - Press Release, August 2005

Albany Landfill Expansion Proposal in the Pine Bush
Daily Gazette Editorial - September 9, 2005

WAMC News Story about the
Landfill Expansion in the Pine Bush



This page last modified January 20, 2019
Contact Save the Pine Bush at pinebush@aol.com.