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Verified Petition, Januar 17, 2006

STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ALBANY                   SUPREME COURT _________________________________________________ In the Matter of the Application of                                                SAVE THE PINE BUSH, INC., REZSIN ADAMS, SANDRA CAMP, SHARON CASTERLIN, LUCY CLARK, LYNNE JACKSON, MARTHA MASTERS JOHN WOLCOTT, PETER VAN NOSTRAND and RUSSELL ZIEMBA,                                                                               Case No. 1 VERIFIED PETITION                                     Verified Petition, Januar 17, 2006

John Wolcott Obituary

COLONIE – John Wolcott, a rebel with a cause, a purveyor of justice and the truth, died August 17, 2023, a month before his 91st birthday. He is now walking the Glory Road with Jesus. John was a genius who had a photographic memory. He was a beautiful calligrapher and made his own Christmas cards John Wolcott Obituary