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Michael Breslin Speaks

Michael Breslin Speaks   Michael Breslin Speaks by Ehren Evans Albany County Executive Breslin spoke at August’s lasagna dinner. It was an exciting opportunity for members of Save the Pine Bush to learn more about county government and the county executive. Mr. Breslin said his stint as county executive is the best job he ever Michael Breslin Speaks

The Solution to the Garbage Problem

by Lynne Jackson ALBANY: Resa Dimino, Special Assistant in the DEC Commissioner’s Policy Office spoke about Solid Waste Management Planning at the July SPB dinner at the First Presbyterian Church. Resa Dimino is leading the effort to develop a new State Solid Waste Management Plan in New York State. Her talk focused on the planning The Solution to the Garbage Problem

Save the Pine Bush

by Sally Cumming Idea from Honest Weight Food Co op flier: The biggest factor influencing what goes into landfills is what we choose to buy and how we dispose of it. You can immediately reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to take these simple steps: Engage in “pre-cycling” (I really like that word!) by buying Save the Pine Bush

I love fly fishing!

From the Altamont Enterprise — Thursday, September 21, 2000, pages 3 and 19 (an excerpt) I love fly fishing! by Dr. Peter Buttner {Author} For more than fifty years I have been making imitations of many of the insects, minnows and other forms of life that fish feed on in fresh and salt water. It I love fly fishing!