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Is There a ‘Y’ in Guilderland?

Is There a ‘Y’ in Guilderland? Is There a ‘Y’ in Guilderland? Guest Article By Jamie and Mary Malcolm While Save the Pine Bush (SPB) is hard at work preserving any remaining Pine Bush in the Town of Guilderland, a series of projects including a new YMCA facility, are threatening to take protected land from Is There a ‘Y’ in Guilderland?

Crossgates is a Bad Neighbor

by Lynne Jackson OK, Crossgates has been in the news a lot recently. Actually, they made it into the international news. Save the Pine Bush has received emails from out raged people as far away as Sydney Australia, and California. People are mad. To recap: On Monday evening, March 3, Stephen Downs and his son Crossgates is a Bad Neighbor

I love fly fishing!

From the Altamont Enterprise — Thursday, September 21, 2000, pages 3 and 19 (an excerpt) I love fly fishing! by Dr. Peter Buttner {Author} For more than fifty years I have been making imitations of many of the insects, minnows and other forms of life that fish feed on in fresh and salt water. It I love fly fishing!