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Waste-to-Energy Plant for Bethlehem?

by Tim Truscott   On April 25, the Bethlehem Town Board heard a proposal by a Kentucky-based firm called RST Technologies to develop a trash disposal facility in Glenmont on the tract of land along Route 144 between the Normans Kill and the PSEG electric generating facility. This site was formerly a dump for coal Waste-to-Energy Plant for Bethlehem?

Taking Lyme Fight to the Field

by William Engleman CLIFTON PARK: Representatives of three area environmental organizations and Town residents called on the Clifton Park Town Board to save the Karner Blue butterfly populations in the Town’s northeast corner, during the Town Board’s first regular meeting of the year, held on Monday evening January 3, 2005. Eight speakers, including representatives from Taking Lyme Fight to the Field

A Comfy White Quilt for Karner Blues

DEVI ATHIAPPAN Associated Press WILTON — Whiling away months of unforgiving cold beneath a deep quilt of snow might not seem like the best way to start life. But the snow is cozy for the eggs of endangered Karner blue butterflies. The small, white dots overwinter on stems or the ground, usually exposed to dry, A Comfy White Quilt for Karner Blues

Earth Day Update

by Lynne Jackson ALBANY, NY: The First Presbyterian Church was the location of the April Save the Pine Bush vegetarian dinner which featured representatives of five environmental groups telling us about the state of the environment. Bobbi Chase, of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CEC), gave us an update about toxics. The state superfund Earth Day Update

Home From Nowhere – Book Review

Home From Nowhere – Book Review Home From Nowhere Book Review by Lynne Jackson As a child growing up in the suburbs in the sixties, I really wanted sidewalks. I could not understand why there were no sidewalks. I envied the children who walked to school, and were even allowed to walk home at lunch. Home From Nowhere – Book Review

Fighting the Crossgates Expansion

Dear All, The proposed apartment complex on Rapp Road in Guilderland is back.  Pyramid sold the 19 acre parcel to a local developer.  This new developer has proposed some modifications to the project.  The new name for the project is Apex at Crossgates. The area where the proposed apartment complex is to be built is Fighting the Crossgates Expansion