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Save the Pine Bush Action Alert!

Save the Pine Bush Action Alert! Coyotes in the Moonlight Response to the Commission’s Final Implementation Guidelines by Lynne Jackson "It was a cold night in January, snow on the ground, full moon, not a creature moving a muscle," began Jerry Mueller, at the January Lasagna Dinner. He had to get out of the house Save the Pine Bush Action Alert!

In the Shade of a Tree

One of the most beautiful aspects of life in a village is living close with nature, especially in many third world countries, where many villages do not have access to most of today’s technology such as cars, tractors, air conditioners, electricity and TV. That is the kind of village and time I grew up in. In the Shade of a Tree

Done with the Dunn Dump

by Tom Ellis ALBANY, NY: David Ellis of Rensselaer Residents Against Toxic Dumping and Lou Sebesta of Stop Trucks Assaulting Rensselaer (STAR) spoke at the May 15th SPB dinner about “Done with Dunn Landfill: Negative Impacts of Dunn C/D Dump Operations” in Rensselaer, and their efforts to close it. Later in the evening, George Keleshian Done with the Dunn Dump

Peter Henner

NEW SCOTLAND — A man of principle and passion, Peter Henner worked for causes he believed in with the same logic and commitment he used when playing chess. He tackled his legal work as he tackled mountains on climbs with his wife — with a sense of adventure. “He always told everything straight,” said Nancy Peter Henner