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10 Minutes & 29¢: The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today to Save the Pine Bush

by Lynne Jackson Save the Pine Bush needs you to write letters to the Governor and the Dept. of Environmental Conservation Commissioner. SPB has the Plan of outlining specifically which parcels should be protected; the State of New York has the money to buy it. Now is the time to take action. Now is the time to write and ask that the State purchase the Pine Bush. The Pine Bush has been identified as a priority project for acquisition in…

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Search Newsletter Archives: What is Full Protection, Partial Protection and who is the Pine Bush? – By Lynne Jackson – June / July 2022 Newsletter A Tribute To Lew Oliver, our wonderful lawyer The Pine Bush’s Most Famous Resident – The Karner Blue Butterfly Save the Pine Bush Victories and Fights The Thruway Authority Comes Across Royally, Dec 99/Jan 00Save the Pine Bush is 25!, Mar/Apr 03 Legislation regarding standing in court We Need the Environmental Access to Justice Act,…

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