Keystone “Conservation Subdivision” – 4152 Albany Street

This property is an area recommended for Full Protection by the Albany Pine Bush Commission.

On April 20, 2020, a developer proposed developing 4152 Albany Street with their initial site plan review.

            a. Sketch Plan Review

                     i. [6:00 p.m.] 4152 Albany Street. Proposed Conservation Subdivision.
                        Applicant: Keystone Homes, Inc., represented by Advance Engineering &
                        Surveying PLLC. Subdivide the 109.84 acres parcel into eight residential lots
                        which results in a density of 0.07 units/acre. The site is zoned Single Family
                        Residential (SFR) – Conservation Overlay. TDE: Barton & Logiudice. PL-20-

On November 10, 2020 they issued a site plan review:

            4152 Albany Street. Keystone Conservation Subdivision. Applicant: Allied 
            Associates, LLC, presented by Advance Engineering & Surveying PLLC. Concept
            review for conservation subdivision of a 109.84-acre parcel into eight (8) residential lots.
            The site is zoned SFR, Single-Family Residential. TDE: Barton & Loguidice. (PL-20-
            00009, SD20-005).

Director Sean Maguire introduced the project. Nick Costa from Advanced Engineering presented the
project. He noted that after meeting with the Albany Pine Bush Commission, the applicant is prepared to
create a 9th lot west of the proposed subdivided lots and gifting it to a land trust for the purpose of
conservation. Charles Voss (TDE, Barton & Loguidice) provided initial feedback. The idea of limiting
curb cuts with an access road was determined to be unfeasible and would also increase the impervious
surface area. He reviewed the configuration of Lot 7, including an adjustment to the rear lot line to
accommodate the 9th lot for conservation. The public was invited to make its comments and concerns
were raised about stormwater, traffic, dumping. Nick Costa indicated that the wetlands were recently
delimitated by North Country and mapped the watercourse. The Board discussed the project. Mr. Heider
stated he did not believe that Lot 7 should be a building lot. He noted that speeds on town roads are set
by state law. Mr. Mion, Mr. Rosano, Ms. Milstein, Mr. Shamlian, and Mr. Stuto also stated their
opposition to Lot 7.