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Ban Styrofoam in Albany County

by Tom Ellis Albany County legislator Doug “Bullhorn” Bullock has proposed legislation that would ban the use of take-out polystyrene (Styrofoam) food and beverage containers from chain restaurants and eateries in the county.  The proposed bill, called the Food Service Waste Reduction Act, has numerous co-sponsors and may be voted on Tuesday, November 12. A poorly attended public hearing in late Ban Styrofoam in Albany County

Sally’s Recycling Corner:

  Whether it’s a bottle of baby aspirin in a cabinet above your kitchen sink or a shelf of prescriptions on the bathroom shelf, medication is a common household item. In fact, a Maine Department of Environmental Protection study says the use of over-the-counter medications has risen 60 percent since the 1990s. But what happens Sally’s Recycling Corner:

Greening Your World

by Rezsin Adams ALBANY, NY Ñ The SPB September veggie lasagna dinner welcomed Steve Breyman, Director, Ecological, Economic, Values & Policy Program in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at RPI as he spoke about ÒGreening Your World.Ó “ Most people running institutions today have very few or no Õgreen bonesÕ.” Steve Breyman opened Greening Your World

Save the Pine Bush

In the bitter cold, about a dozen people came out to protest the bulldozing of the Avila House site. Though Save the Pine Bush had lost all of its appeals in the courts, we know that we are legally, morally and ethically right. No more construction should be made in the Pine Bush.   Avila Save the Pine Bush

City Strangles Downtown Growth

City Strangles Downtown Growth City Strangles Downtown Growth Yet Council Encourages Suburban Sprawl By Daniel Van Riper As far as Save the Pine Bush can determine, the City of Albany Common Council has not denied a single application by any large corporate entity that has wanted to erect buildings in the Pine Bush for more City Strangles Downtown Growth

Step up and Advocate for the Styrofoam Ban in Albany County!

Dear Friends & Allies, Please help get your county legislator to say “yes” to the proposed styrofoam ban law. 1. Fill out this online petition even if you’ve completed a paper or online petition before. Go to: Leave a quick comment. These are powerful! 2. CALL your Albany County legislator – the petition will Step up and Advocate for the Styrofoam Ban in Albany County!