Step up and Advocate for the Styrofoam Ban in Albany County!

Dear Friends & Allies,

Please help get your county legislator to say “yes” to the proposed styrofoam ban law.

1. Fill out this online petition even if you’ve completed a paper or online petition before. Go to: Leave a quick comment. These are powerful!

2. CALL your Albany County legislator – the petition will show you how to find his/her contact info.

This petition is being sent to you by a team of volunteers in partnership with: Riverkeeper, PAUSE, SIerra Club Hudson-Mohawk Group and Environmental Advocates NY. We are fighting misinformation being spread by paid lobbyists and PR specialists who don’t live in Albany County but are trying to persuade our lawmakers to not sign the ban. They’re hired by the Dart Container Corp, world’s largest maker of styrofoam.

Remember, no business will lose money if this law is passed, since a financial hardship waiver is allowed as part of this law.

If you have trouble finding your legislator’s phone #, contact Tina at or Sandy at Also contact us if you are willing to canvass area businesses and ask them to sign a letter in support of the ban.

3. Save the date. Show up and speak out in favor of the Albany County Styrofoam Ban!

Mon. March 13 and Wed. April 12 – Vote is likely in April. Legislature meets at the Albany County Courthouse, 6 Lodge St. (next to Albany City Hall, enter around the back on Lodge Street & go up to the 2nd floor). Comment period goes from 6:30 to 7:30 pm but you must sign up to speak at the front of the room before 6:30 pm.

Contact Tina at or Paul at if you want help preparing what to say.

Thank you so much for all of your support so far! Your legislator wants to hear from you on this critical issue! Get his/her contact info via this online petition and CALL ASAP:

Tell Albany County to ban plastic foam in restaurants!

The Albany County Legislature is considering a ban on single-use plastic foam containers – the kind of containers we receive at many restaurants and food stores, only to throw away soon after, since they are not reusable or recyclable.

Here’s the problem: plastic foam containers are unnecessary, wasteful, and dangerous to public health and the environment.

The impacts to our health from using this waste are profound. This product is made out of polystyrene, which contains styrene made from benzene – a petroleum product. Both chemicals are known to cause cancer. When foods that are oily, acidic, or simply hot (like coffee or chicken wings) are put in these containers, styrene can leach into your food and drink. Styrene is “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” (2016, US National Toxicology Program of US Dept of Health & Human Services.

Plastic foam hurts our environment and wildlife, too. It never biodegrades – instead, it just continues to break down until it becomes little white pieces. It’s impossible to clean out of our sewers, rivers and oceans. It poisons the fish and birds who mistake it for food and eat it. Then people eat the fish, and it poisons us too! According to the World Economic Forum, at predicted rates, plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish pound for pound in 2050.

The burden on our landfills is extreme, as an estimated 20 percent of waste is plastic foam. Using paper or locally recyclable products instead of plastic foam may cost a few pennies more, but it’s better for all of us – humans and wildlife.

Who’s already banned foam? 20 municipalities in Massachusetts including Pittsfield, plus Ulster County, Freeport Maine, Washington D.C., Takoma Park MD, Seattle Washington, Los Angeles County, Miami, San Francisco and more! Albany County has already gotten rid of microbeads, and toxins in children’s toys. Let’s continue taking care of people and planet, and get rid of dangerous plastic foam.

For articles and resources on the dangers of polystyrene to people and the environment see here:



Published in March/April 2017 Newsletter
Save the Pine Bush Newsletter