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Earth Day Actions in Albany NY

by Grace Nichols Earth Day Season began with a Teach-In by the Black Caucus of PEF (Public Employees Federation) at the Albany Public Library (on April 16th) about the environmental injustice done to the Sheridan Hollow community in Albany, NY. Sheridan Hollow is named for its location down a ravine that’s across the street from the State Capitol, centered along Sheridan Avenue. It also has a history of being Albany’s energy producer, having begun producing energy by burning coal at…

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Migratory Bird Watch Hike

On Saturday, September 21, Andy Arthur, Hugh Johnson, Chris Kielb and two others joined experienced birder Neil Reilly for a fall birding excursion near the Pine Bush Discovery Center. In early fall, as they migrate south for the winter, many different species of warblers mingle with chickadees and other non-migrating birds to feed on the remaining insects. These fall warblers look very similar to each other because they no longer have their distinctive summer plumage, so they are easy to…

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