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snowpeople Welcome to Snow People! We are citizens of the City of Albany who want the city sidewalks to be usable in all weather. After all, we do live in the northeast of New York! Here are some photos of sidewalks taken by Janet Carr in January, 2003. For more information, contact Janet Carr

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Draft Environmental Impact Statement DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT for Avila House Independent Senior Campus Lead Agency:   City of Albany Planning Board 21 Lodge Street, Albany, New York 12207 Contact: Nicholas Dilello (518) 434-2532 ext. 28   Project Sponsor:   First Colun1bia, LLC 26 Century Hill Drive Latham, New York 12110-2128, (518) 213-1000   Report Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Washington Protest, January 18, 3003 Washington Protest, January 18, 3003 Page 1  |  Page 2  |  Page 3 Marchers carry more signs. Peace puppets. Everyone wants peace. Marchers walk along Independence Avenue. A false security bomb. Bush rides a bomb. This helocopter followed us all day. The police looked down on the marchers. Donald Rumseld, 23

Is the Earth Running a Fever?

by Tom Ellis Listen to the audio of the presentation here. Albany, NY: Recently retired National Weather Service (NWS) meteorological forecaster Hugh Johnson was the speaker at the April 19 SPB dinner. His talk was titled Is the Earth Running a Fever? and he spoke about climate change and the NWS. He said, “Anything’s possible Is the Earth Running a Fever?

Save the Pine Bush Action Alert!

Save the Pine Bush Action Alert! Action Alerts! Call Your Albany City Common Council Member To oppose re-zoning of 365 Washington Avenue Extension (If you do not live in Albany, then choose someone to call). Call before March 20, 2000 Call Your Albany County Legislator To call for the County to request that part of Save the Pine Bush Action Alert!

Virtual Exhibit

What is the Pine Bush? The Pine Bush is the only sizable inland pine barrens sand dunes in the United States, and is recognized world&endash;wide as a unique pine barrens ecosystem. It contains over 300 species of vertebrate animals, over 1,500 species of plants, and over 10,000 species of insects and other invertebrate animals. Many Virtual Exhibit