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October/November 2009 – Download printable PDF version

Bringing Back Sustainable Karner Blue Populations, October/November, 2009

September Biogas Talk, October/November, 2009

Buckmoth Monitoring, October/November, 2009

Neither a Borrower or a Lender Be, October/November, 2009

Pesticide Reductions Won at Albany Common Council – We can fight City Hall and Win!, October/November, 2009

Sallys Recycling Corner: Recycling Mystery: Medication, October/November, 2009

September 2009 – Download printable PDF version

Candidates for Albany City-Wide Races Speak to SPB, September, 2009

August/September 2009 – Download printable PDF version

Butterfly Populations Decimated in Albany Preserve, August/September, 2009

Save the Pine Bush To Argue Standing In The Court Of Appeals, August/September, 2009

Save the Pine Bush July Composting Presentation, August/September, 2009

Sign Anti-Pesticide Petition!, August/September, 2009

Sallys Recycling Corner, August/September, 2009

June/July 2009 – Download printable PDF version

Ward Stone Speaks – Rachel Carson Day Speech: Let the Preserve be a Preserve!, Jun/Jul 09

Sallys Recycling Corner, Jun/Jul 09

Sallys Worm Bin, Jun/Jul 09

The Orange Leachate of Rapp Road, Jun/Jul 09

Updates – Village of Colonie Meeting and the Hotel, Jun/Jul 09

March/April 2009 – Download printable PDF version

Solid Waste Management Plan Steering Committee, Mar/Apr 09

Bert Writes to the Army Corps, Mar/Apr 09

Traders Hill Found – Part Two of Looking For Traders Hill, (Read Part One), Mar/Apr 09

January/February 2009 – Download printable PDF version

Marriott Hotel Poised to Destroy only Known Upstate Colony of Rare Worm Snake, Jan/Feb 09

DECs Dump Hearing December 3, 2008, Jan/Feb 09

Looking For Traders Hill A Sand Hill Lost and Forgotten in a Sea of Sand Hills, Jan/Feb 09

Waiting for Mercy, the movie about Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain, Jan/Feb 09

Sallys Recycling Corner, Jan/Feb 09


November/December 2008 – Download printable PDF version

DEC sets Public Hearing on
Landfill in the Pine Bush
, Nov/Dec 08

The Hotel Is Back Now, it is all up to the Common Council, Nov/Dec 08

Hotel Eligible for
Tax Incentive,
Nov/Dec 08

Genetic Tests on Ticks
May Reveal Secrets of
Lyme Disease,
Nov/Dec 08

Making a Living as a Trash Picker The Landfill in Guatemala City, Nov/Dec 08

Zeroing Out Waste Conference, Nov/Dec 08

September/October 2008 – Download printable PDF version

Rare Worm Snake found on Proposed Hotel Site. Its time for the City to do the right thing, Sept/Oct 08

The Solution to the Garbage Problem, Sept/Oct 08

Surveys seek to define status of night birds, from the Assoicated Press, Sept/Oct 08

Careful In The Pine Bush, from the Times Union, Sept/Oct 08

A Note from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Newsletter, Sept/Oct 08

Sad News Update on Yassin Arefs Appeal, Sept/Oct 08

July/August 2008 – Download printable PDF version

Court Room Door Slammed Shut on Save the Pine Bush, SPB Loses Clifton Park Case, Jul/Aug 08

Son of Mountains Virtual Book Signing, Jul/Aug 08

In the Shade of a Tree, In honor of the virtual book signing, Yassin Aref wrote this special essay for Save the Pine Bush, Jul/Aug 08

Oral Argument in Hotel Case Heard in Appellate Division, Jul/Aug 08

May/June 2008 – Download printable PDF version

Earth Week Celebration, May/June, 08

Save the Pine Bush Loses in Clifton Park, No one can advocate for the Karner Blue, May/June, 08

We Need the Environmental Access to Justice Act, Write to Your NYS Senator We Must Change the Standing Rules for SEQRA! May/June, 08

Sallys Recycling Corner, May/June 08

Please Complete the Survey!, May/June, 08

March/April 2008

Save the Pine BushTurns 30

Save the Pine Bush Goes to the Appellate Division Over Butterflies in Clifton Park

Looking Forward – Save the Pine Bush 30th Anniversary, February 20, 2008

A Tribute To Lew Oliver

January/February 2008

Karine Franke – Vote for the Karner Blue for New York State Butterfly

Stop the Hotel! – Ask the Governor and the Mayor To Do the Right Thing

City Cant Decide! – More about the Hotel Case

Celebrate Save the Pine Bush’s 30 Years of Advocacy for the Pine bush!

Sallys Recycling Corner


October/November 2007

The Hotel is Back and Badder than Ever! Some Common Council Members Support Save the Pine Bush

What is Missing? Why is the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Hotel Incomplete?

Proposed Housing Development in Guilderland Woodsfield Estate

The Pine Bush Makes the Grade – Sierra Club Included the Pine Bush in Americas Wild Legacy – 52 Places: A Sierra Club Report

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Discovery Center, an Opinion, by Lynne Jackson

New Feature: Sallys Recycling Corner

Pine Bush Commission Update

A Field Guide to the Karner Blue Butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis)

August/September 2007

The Goal is to Phase Out Landfills
Val Washinton Speaks to Save the Pine Bush

Town of Clifton Park Ignores Pleas for Butterflies

Transforming our world, One butterfly at a a time, reprinted from the Altamont Enterprise

News from Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission – The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Requests written public comments on Management Plan

Hot line, methane, recycling answers needed, written by DOMINICK CALSOLARO

News from our SCRAP Friends

Save the Pine Bush Wins Second Round – Win on Hotel Case Upheld by Supreme Court

We Have the Power

June/July 2007

Stop the Landfill Expansion Get Involved!

The Pine Bush Discovery Center Opens, Why Does the Discovery Center Look Like a Bank?

News from Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission

New York States Most Successful Predators Coyotes & Fishers

We Want the Bigger Better Bottle Bill!

The Dump Expansion is for Who?

Albany places in dirty dozen, Citys decision to expand dump into preserve lands it on environmental groups list of polluters

May 2007

At life’s end, what’s a proper burial for a bulb?
Mercury in energy-efficient fluorescents poses a recycling problem

April/May, 2007

Save the Pine Bush Wins the Hotel Case

Massive Opposition to Proposed Landfill Expansion

Action Guide to Citizens who cant stand the smell or who think the Pine Bush is no place for a dump

Save the Pine Bush T-Shrits No Dump in the Pine Bush!

Proposed Landfill Expansion a Collision of Factors, State Needs to Take Action An Opinion

Step It Up – National Day of Climate Action, Albany, NY

Nanotech Watch

February/March, 2007

Expansion of the Landfill in the Pine Bush The Battle Begins!

January 2007

Clty to fund study of pine barrens. Goal is Saving Woodlawn area



December 2006/January 2007

What Part of the Pine Bush Does the City Want for Allied Waste?

Take the Bus and Leave the Car at Home

Save the Pine Bush Barred from Court

Waste-To-Energy – A Very, Very, Expensive Solution to Garbage

October/November 2006

Garbage or the Pine Bush? City of Albany Proposes to take Pine Bush for its third landfill expansion proposal

Assemblyman John McEneny Speaks about the Landfill

What Can People Do With Their Garbage? Debbie Jackson Speaks about Reduce, Reuse and Recycling

Save the Pine Bush Sues the Town of Clifton Park over Development Approval – Karner Blue Habitat Threatened


Save the Pine Bush Wins a Round
Wins Standing in Lawsuit Against the
City over the Hotel


First step in landfill expansion approved Pine Bush panel OKs digging of test wells, but McEneny blocks state bill to add acreage – Printed in the Times Union

July/August 2006

Its not a Garbage Problem Its an Economic Problem, Commissioner Bruce speaks to Save the Pine Bush

City of Albany Attempts to Sneak Legislation Past the Public Removing Land from the Pine Bush Preserve

Letter to the Editor – Bigger Better Bottle Bill

The Albany Common Council The Debate and the Vote

The Albany Common Council Editorial Comment by Lynne Jackson

May/June 2006

Save the Pine Bush Sues City of Albany Over Rezoning of Land

No Magic Bullet: Solving the Garbage Problem

A Plan for Planning

Environmental Study Requires Restoration of Karner Blue Habitat in Clifton Park

March/April 2006

Integrating the Landfill into the Pine Bushor What do you do with a Landfill?

Waste-to-Energy – One Solution to the Garbage Issue

Petition Filed With State Dec Seeks Ruling On 1994 – Protection Agreement For Karner Blue In Clifton Park

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire – Mayor Jennings Landfill Plan Death Knell to the Pine Bush Preserve

January/February 2006

Common Council votes to Suppress Public Comment

What to do with the Garbage

Metroland Local Heros Issue — Features one Save the Pine Bush Volunteer, Lynne Jackson

Common Council Ignores Pine Bush Preserve Commission

Massive Empire Zone in Clifton Park’s Wood Road Corridor Set for Review


November/December 05

Albany wants to Dedicate a
Dump to the Preserve

The Nature Conservancy Objects to
Landfill Proposal in the Pine Bush
Writes letter to City and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Environmental Report
Omits Essential Letter

Another Missing LetterSave the Pine Bush Comments on Residence Inn FEIS

Turkey vultures in pitch pine treesReally Cool Photos by Sandra Camp

September Dinner Notice

Plan would double landfills life

Pine Bush burn feeds Karner blue

September Press Conference & News Reports

Save the Pine Bush Asks the Albany Common Council for Justice – Mayor Jennings Tricks the City Over the Landfill in the Pine Bush

Daily Gazette Editorial – September 9, 2005

WAMC News Story about the Landfill Expansion in the Pine Bush

August/September 05

Shawn Morris
Speaks to Save the Pine Bush

Town of Colonie to Adopt Comprehensive Plan

Albany Pine Bush Nature Cache:
Participation Encourages Public Land Stewardship

Albany Has Chosen Bad Site for Dump

April/May 05 Newsletter

Residence Inn Hotel Proposal is Back! – Attend the Public Hearing, Monday, April 18, 7 pm, Albany City Hall

Woodsfield Estate Proposal is Back! – Attend the Public Hearing, Wednesday, April 13, 7:30 pm, Guilderland Town Hall

How fares the Karner Blue? Part Two

February/March 05 Newsletter

Warning that Extinction is Forever, advocates for endangered Karner Blue Butterfly speak out at Clifton Park Town Board meeting

How fares the Karner Blue?

Blues Connection

January 05 Dinner Notice

Taking Lyme Fight to the Field (Reprinted from the NY Times)

Butterfly outmuscles rivals in mascot race – Pine Bush Elementary gives Karner blue a 4-year term in close vote (Reprinted from the Times Union)


December 04/January 05 Newsletter

Coyotes in the Pine Bush

Roads in the Pine Bush – John Poorman Speaks about the CDTC

October 04 Dinner Notice

Crossgates Hotel Proposal in the Pine Bush – Scoping Document

You Can Help Save the Pine Bush in The Town of Colonie Write Letters Attend a Hearing

September/October 04 Newsletter

David Soares, Candidate for Albany County District Attorney

Crossgates Wants to Build a Hotel in the Pine Bush, Will they never go away?

Ward Stone Speaks about the Most Important Environmental Problems of Our Time

News from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission

July/August 04 Newsletter

Charette a Charade – DOT Throws a Bone to the Pine Bush While Helping Big Business Get Bigger


Being Green Isnt Good Enough Anymore
James Hoard Kunstler Speaks

June 04 Dinner Notice

Clear-cutting: (Believe it or Not ) Can Sometimes Be Good for the Pine Bush

Suburban Life Linked To Obesity

May/June 04 Newsletter

An Albany County Environmental Mystery

From the Top: The Environmental Picture of the
Capital District
, From the People Who Really Know

Buy High Point, Dont Let It be Sold Out

Make Your Voice Heard!!!
Hearings Set for the Albany Corridor Study by the NYS Thruway

Roads are Killing the Pine Bush

February/March 04 Newsletter

Save the Pine Bush Sues Crossgates Maul and Asks the City to Deny Crossgates Hotel Proposal

Who Owns Life?
Canadian Farmer Sued by Monsanto

From the Newsletter of
The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission

Forty Acres of Pine Bush Slated for Destruction
in the Town of Colonie

Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Wants Your Opinion And Save the Pine Bush Would Like You to Tell Them!

Save the Pine Bush X-Country Ski Update


December 03/January 04 Newsletter

Crossgates Casts a Dark Shadow
Over the Pine Bush

Scenic Hudson Visits SPB
Mary Ann Johnson Speaks About Sprawl

Invasive Species in the Pine Bush
Steve Rice Studies the Black Locust


Final Recovery Plan Issued

Garage Sale Sucess!
A Big Thnk You to Volunteers

October/November Newsletter

Subdivision Proposed for Full Protection Area

Woodlawn and the Western Pine Bush: Next Steps Volunteer Now to Protect this land!

SEMETECH North Is Now at The State University at Albany

Discovery Center in the Pine Bush, The New Director, Mike Venuti, Speaks to Save the Pine Bush

Tupperware Party, Wednesday, October 29, 7:00-9:00 pm

Crossword Puzzle – Try your hand at our first Save the Pine Bush Crossword puzzle!

July/August Newsletter

Sprawl Costs Money

Speak Out for Pine Bush Preservation – Public Hearing, Monday, July 14 at 7:30 PM, Schenectady City Hall

Pyramid Wants More

The Honorable Jack McEneny Reports on the Legislature

Lyme Disease Warning for Pets and their Humans

June Dinner Notice

City of Schenectady Considers Selling Pine Bush for Development

May/June Newsletter

Does Sprawl Promote Lyme Disease?

City Owned Land Up for Grabs, Pine Bush in Schenectady threatened by development

Earth Day Update, Five Speakers Tell Us the State of the Earth at Aprils Dinner

Notes from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission

Tech Valley in the Pine Bush

March/April Newsletter

Save the Pine Bush is 25!

City Plans More Destruction of the Pine Bush

Crossgates is a Bad Neighbor

Avila Keeps Advertising

A Comfy White Quilt for Karner Blues, Reprinted from the Times Union, Tuesday, February 18, 2003

January/February Newsletter

The Federal Karner Blue Butterfly Recovery Plan

The Patroon Creek and the Pine Bush

The Karner Blue Loses Another Battle — Senior Housing Gets Approved &another nail appears in the coffin of the Karner Blue

Volunteers Protest Construction of Avila House

The Pine Bush and Bombs — A Correction

The Pine Bush and Bombs Part II

Houses Proposed in Colonie


December 02 Dinner/Hike Notice

Pursuing Quality in the Capital Region – – CDTC & CDRPC Issue a Draft Report

Early Reference to the Pine Bush Discovered in the Dutch Records of Beverwyck


October/November 02

New Plan for the Preserve – 2002 Management Plan Revealed

State Recognizes The Promised Land – Re-printed from the Altamont Enterprise, 9/19/02

Open Space Plan Released – The Pine Bush is Top Priority in Region 4

In Flurry of Motion, Lessons Take Wing – Guilderland Farnsworth Middle School students raise, track butterflies – Reprinted from the Times Union, 9/14/02

Odyssey to a Butterfly Festival

The Pine Bush and Bombs

August/September 02

SPB Files Appeal – – An Appeal Against the Avila Approval

Guilderland Approves Another Pine Bush Development

Preserve Not Feeling the Burn

The News comes to the Pine Bush – Dina Cappiello Speaks

Margallen Fichter Passed Away -The Pine Bush Loses a Friend

September 02


September Events of other organizations

Books for Butterflies

Too Little Burning Done

May/June 02


Save the Pine Bush Wins A Round – TNC Buys 19 Acres
Where Vinyl Golf Dome Proposed

Save the Pine Bush – Loses Teresian House Case

From a key observer of life: a plea to save biodiversity

Woodsfields Estates – Houses that Should Not Be Built

Books for Butterflies

February/March 02


Save the Pine Bush Wins – SEFCU To Move Away

Carnivores in the Pine – Bush Roland Kays Explains Which, Where & Who Cares

Unhealthy Choice – Reprinted from Metroland, January 31, 2002, by Kathryn Schulz

Notes from the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Newsletter, January 2002

Books for Butterflies

Holiday Party

Public Hearing in Guilderland – Housing Development Seeks to Destroy 100 acres of Pine Bush


December 01/January 02


Save the Pine Bush Sues Over Senior Housing in the Pine Bush – Proposed Project to be built behind Teresian House

Our Favorite Butterfly – The Karner Blue in 2001

News from the Pine Bush Commission – Notes from the Albany Pine Preserve Commission October Newsletter

Sprawl Kills – Sedentary lifestyle can mean obesity and a shorter life in a land without sidewalks.

October/November 01


Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Proposes a New Plan – Mark October 18 to Attend Hearing

Greening Your World

Write to Bishop Howard Hubbard – Karner Blue in Serious Trouble

Planning Boards – A Comparison

Ward Stone Receives EPA Award

Albany Pine Bush Sketches – Still Time to See
the Beautiful Oils of the – Albany Pine Bush – Show until the October 31

Helena English Passed Away – The Pine Bush Loses a Friend

September 01

Lyme Disease Update

August/September 01

Roman Catholic Diocese Proposes, Senior Housing in the Pine Bush , Karner Blue in Serious Trouble

Candidates Night – Remember to Vote! Lasagna & Politics

SUNYA Destroys Pine Bush for Sprawl

John Wolcott, Honored by the New York State Assembly, Wants to see More Preservation

Save the Pine Bush Makes it to New Hampshire

Albany Pine Bush Sketches – A Collection of 22 oil paintings of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, August 5 to October 31

Dr. Robert Raymond Passed Away The Pine Bush Loses a Friend

July 01


John Wolcott announces that he will give his share of the Bush Taxe Rebate to Save the Pine Bush

UAlbany Plan Adds to Sprawl Reprinted from the Times Union Sunday, July 8, 2001

May/June 01

After 12-Year Battle, the Pine Bush Losses The Court Decision Could have been Worse

We Are Always Running After a Moving Bulldozer Helen Desfosses Speaks

Environmental Justice, Pollution, Sprawl and a New and Better Albany Aaron Mair Talks About Albany

Just In Time For Spring! Plant Native Pine Bush Species In Your Back Yard!

Our Friends, the Oak Openings Region Preservation Alliance Protecting the Ohio Oak Openings

I love fly fishing! (Drinking Water in Guilderland) by Dr. Peter Buttner


December 00/January 01

Save the Pine Bush Loses First Round on Landfill – Clean Water takes a Dive to Garbage

Touhey Builds While Save the Pine Bush Goes to Court

Common Council Approves an Office Complex at 365 Washington Avenue Extension – Council Member Carol Wallace Makes Eloquent Plea for the Pine Bush Preservation

Willie Janeway Comes to Visit

Camera Study of Pine Bush Meat-eaters

More on the West Nile Virus

 Arbor Hill Environmental Justice Asks for a Cleaner Patroon Creek

October/November 00

Ward Stone and the West Nile Virus

Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission Begins an Updated Plan for Pine Bush Preservation

Monarch Butterfly Conservation Crisis

Black Locust Have Some Good Uses!

August/September 00

SPB Sues City & DEC Over Illegal Landfill in the Pine Bush

Exploring Bus Service to the Pine Bush

Jerry Mueller brings Lasagna to Nicaragua – The Pine Bush as Example for the World

May/June 00

The Pine Bush Wins! – State Buys Site of Proposed Office Complex

Ken Runion Visits Save the Pine Bush

Making Good in Their Own Hometown – EPA Honors Aaron Mair and Farnsworth Middle School

Save the Pine Bush Loses a Round – Judge Teresi Rules in Favor of Charlie Touhey

Zero Cut – End the Logging on our National Forests

No Butterfly Releases – Throw Rice, Not Butterflies at Weddings

Action Alert! Guilderland Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing, Tuesday, May 23 at 7:00

March/April 00

The 1914 Pine Bush Preserve – What became of it?

Emergency Appeal and the Landfill

Vultures at the Rapp Road Landfill in 1999

More Land is Purchased

Governor Promises 600 Acres for the Pine Bush Preserve

Save the Pine Bush Co-Sponsors Regional Growth Patterns of the Capital District – A Presentation by Todd Fabozzi of the Geographical Information System for the Capital District Regional Planning Commission