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Proposed Hotel in the Pine Bush


Hotel Update:
Oral Arguements in the NY Court of Appeals
Tuesday, September 15 at 2:00

The Court of Appeals is next door to Albany City Hall.
This is an extremely significant case, and could, if we win
change who has standing in SEQRA cases.

Click here to read Amicus briefs

Read attorney Steve Downs’ commentary about the hotel case here.

Action Alert!

Hear the Oral Arguments in the
NYS Appellate Division

Friday, May 30, 9:30 AM
Location: The Appellate Division is in the Justice Building at the Empire State Plaza on State Street.

Dear Save the Pine Bush Supporters,

The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) is in crisis. Save the Pine Bush recently lost our case against the Town of Clifton Park over "standing" – the right to bring a case to court.

In the NYS Supreme Court, we won our case against the City of Albany over the proposed Hotel in the Pine Bush. However, the City of Albany has appealed our win.

The City of Albany is saying that Save the Pine Bush has no standing, no right to sue to protect the Karner Blue.

Arguing the case on behalf of Save the Pine Bush will be Save the Pine Bush attorney, Steve Downs.

The court session begins at 9:30. (I do not know yet where our case is on the agenda, so, its best to arrive by 9:30.)

The Appellate Division is in the Justice Building at the Empire State Plaza on State Street. For information about the court and directions, see

If you would like to come, but do not know where to park, arrive at my house, 223 S. Swan Street Albany (near the intersection of S. Swan and Morton Avenue) at 8:30 and we will walk over to the court house together.

If you have never heard a case argued in the Appellate Division, this is a good opportunity to see our justice system at work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 518/434-1954.

Thank you for your support.

Lynne Jackson

Read the court papers:

Save the Pine Bush Response

Save the Pine Bush Appeal

For more information see:
Stop the Hotel! – Ask the Governor and the Mayor To Do the Right Thing, Jan/Feb 08
City Can’t Decide! – More about the Hotel Case, Jan/Feb 08

Read articles about the proposed Hotel:

Crossgates Wants to Build a Hotel in the Pine Bush, Will they never go away?, Sept/Oct 04
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Read the court papers:

Filed in State Supreme Court:
Order to Show Cause (28 KB)
Verified Petition ( 136 KB)
Affidavit (152 KB)
Memorandum of Law (116 KB)
Affirmation ( 80 KB)
Exhibits (15 MB)

Clifton Park Wood Road

DGS Development Corporation owns Karner Blue habitat in the Town of Clifton Park. The Town approved a light industrial park on this Karner Blue site. Below are articles that describe the fight:

Appellate Division Decision

Save the Pine Bush loses on standing! The Court says we have no right to protect a species. Read the decison here.

Read more about the decison here.

Court Decision

Save the Pine Bush loses standing in Save the Pine Bush v. Town Planning Board of Clifton Parkindustrial development proposal on Karner Blue site. Today, NY State Supreme Court Judge Kramer ruled that Save the Pine Bush does not have standing to sue over the Karner Blue butterfly. If Save the Pine Bush cannot sue protect the Karner Blue, then who can?

Read articles about Clifton Park:

Building called threat to butterflies, published in the Times Union May 2, 2006

Save the Pine Bush Barred from Court, Dec 06/Jan 07

Massive Empire Zone in Clifton Park’s Wood Road Corridor Set for Review , Jan/Feb 06

Environmental Study Requires Restoration of Karner Blue Habitat in Clifton Park, May/June 06


Proposed Office Complex
in the Pine Bush

Papers filed with the Supreme Court (4.5 MB)

Woodlawn Area in the
Schenectady Pine Bush

The City of Schenectady owns the Woodlawn Area, 130 acres of Pine Bush which is contiguous with the main part of the Pine Bush. The City is considering selling the land to developers to build 240 houses. Please call or write to the Schenectady City Council members to ask them to make this land into a Preserve for all residents to enjoy.

Download a flyer for the hearing (Adobe Reader Required).

Download a petition to sign and give to the City Council.

City Owned Land Up for Grabs, Pine Bush in Schenectady threatened by development, (May/June 03 Newsletter)

City of Schenectady Considers Selling Pine Bush for Development, (June 03 Newsletter)

Speak Out for Pine Bush Preservation, Public Hearing on Woodlawn, July 14, 2003

In the News: Crossgates Maul!: Read a Series of Articles about the mall that won’t allow patrons to wear peace T-Shirts. "When Bush asked us to shop to stop terrorism, he didn’t tell us there was a dress code." – heard on WAMC 3/5/03

Lupe Property,

The proposed "Woodsfields Estates"

Current status: We are currently waiting for the developer to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement.

Learn more about this proposed development.

The DiCaprio Farm

The Town of Guilderland should be congratuled for purchasing the DiCaprio Farm and the DiCaprio family should be acknowledged for wanting to preserve the land rather than sell it to a developer.

Soccer Fields Planned

However, the current plan is for the Town to make the DiCaprio Farm into soccer fields. Save the Pine Bush feels that from an ecological point of view, it would be best to add the DiCaprio Farm parcel to the Preserve rather than develop the farm into soccer fields.

Currently, the Town of Guilderland has hiredan envrionmental consultant and a archeological consultant.

Become informed! Learn more about the issue:

  • View ariel photograph of site
  • Read reasons why the site should be preserved
  • Read speech given by Candace Lider at the Guilderland Town Borad Meeting on 4/17/01
  • For more information, or to received information on the DiCaprio Farm, email

Guilderland Comprehensive Management Plan

The Town of Guilderland is in the process of creating a master plan. There has been much discussion about the plan. The next public hearing on the Plan is Tuesday, May 15 at 7:45 pm.

Please read the plan. It can be found from the main page on the FORCE website or click to go directly to the Guilderland Comprehensive Management Plan.