Save the Pine Bush Comments on Proposed Hotel

written by Lynne Jackson

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Land Ownership — Identify the Principals

The DEIS should identify the current owner of the property. This is a factual matter, and is important because it must be determined if the current owner is or is not the prior owner.

Pyramid Corporation, as “Washington Commons Associates” sold the land on 12/29/04 to R.I Heritage Inn of Albany, LLC whose address is 128 Rear Washington Avenue Extension, an empty field and one of the parcels proposed for the hotel [Deed at Book 2788 Page 1105 in Albany County].

It seems odd that a company that can pay $1.7 million with no mortgage for these five residentially zoned parcels which are assessed at $245,000.

In addition, the NYS Office of Real Property lists this sale as “not at arms length” which means there is a relationship between the buyer and the seller. The applicant should be required to state what the relationship is in the DEIS.

This land or a portion of this land was sold again on February 25, 2005 from R.I. Heritage Inn of Albany, LLC to Heritage Inn of Beloit, Inc. This warranty deed quitclaims the land. This deed [Book 2796 Page 951] conveys either all or part of the land proposed for the Residence Inn proposal. The deed was not filed until April 5, 2005, after the DEIS was prepared. It seems that there is a lot of selling this land while the application is pending.

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