Developer Responses on Proposed Hotel

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Note: The "Comment" is the developer’s summary
of the public input, the Response is what the
developer says in response.

Comment 4: Commentor indicated that walking is a dangerous mode of transportation. No sidewalks are proposed. Employees will not be able to walk to work or use mass transit. Customers will not be able to walk or bicycle to the nano-tech facilities. Because customers and employees will need to use vehicles, their risk of being involved in an accident is increased. The hotel should be built downtown. Letter from Save the Pine Bush, Inc. dated April 29, 2005.

Rcsponse 4: The proposed hotel is situated near the intersection of the NYS Thrnway and 1-90 and is located on Washington Avenue Extension an extremely busy highway with a speed limit of 55 MPH. there are no sidewalks for pedestrian or bicycle travel in the vicinity. No off-site sidewalks are proposed in connection with the Project and, for safety purposes, walking or bicycling on Washington Avenue Extension should be discouraged [emphasis added]

Comment 5: Customers may wish to bicycle to events in the City of Albany if roads were safer. Long-term customers may prefer to bicycle to work, shop or recreation. Letter from Save the Pine Bush, Inc. dated April 29, 2005.

Response 5: See Section B, Response 4.

Comment 6: Commentor compares alleged traffic improvements in the Netherlands and Germany as increasing health benefits to the population. The Commentor opines the Project will create a health hazard by forcing all visitors and employees to drive, rather than bike or walk to the hotel. Conversely, if the Project were built downtown it would increase the public health. Letter from Save the Pine Bush, Inc. dated April 29, 2005.

Response 6: The Applicant is not forcing all visitors and employees to drive, but rather is acknowledging that travelers to the Capital district do not arrive on foot or bicycle in any great numbers. Rather they arrive by car, airplane, train or bus. Those arriving by mass transportation normally rent cars. The Residence Inn will provide a shuttle service to the Albany International Airport and, on demand, to other forms of public transportation (AMTRAK or bus stations). Capital District Transportation Authority provides ShuttleBug service to this area. The schedule lists 48 daily trips with most runs stopping at Crossgates and Crossgates Commons and fewer runs on Saturday. The Applicant believes that a few employees might make use of this service but it is not anticipated that guests will regularly use this service.

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