Lupe Housing Proposal

Seventy- five houses are proposed for this site, the last parcel of the largest roadless area in the Pine bush.

Three parcels make up the western section of the largest roadless area, the DeCaprio Farm site, the site of the proposed Lone Pine 7 housing development, and this 100 acre site. Located south of East Lydius Street and north of Old State Road, this area is approximately 250 acres along the Hungerkill valley and is not bisected by any roads. Roadless areas are very important to the ecosystem. Roads, even relatively unused dirt roads, can prevent plant and animal species from crossing from one side to another, thus limiting the area inhabited by plant and animal species, and limiting the biodiversity.

The Planning Board of the Town of Guilderland is the Lead Agency for this development proposal. This means that the Planning Board will hold hearings and review the project.

Read current article about Woodsfields Estates., printed May/June 02

Current Status of the project:

Type I Action for SEQRA – The Planning Board has declared this proposal a "Type One" action. This means the developer must write a complete Environmental Impact Statement on the project.

Scoping Session – The Planning Board held a "Scoping Session" for the project where the public was allowed to list issues that should be addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement. The session was held on April 10. On May 8, the Planning Board approved the scoping document.

Scoping Document

This document outlines the issues the developer must address in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Town Planner
Town of Guilderland Town Hall
Guilderland, New York 12084

Next Steps:

We are currently waiting for the developer to write a Draft Environmental Impact Statement. This document should address the environmental impacts of the project.

Hearings will be held on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

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