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Development in Albany Pine Bush – 2010 to 2020

Albany County Tax records show that 253 acres of Pine Bush were forever lost to development between 2010 and 2020. Acres in Study Area Acres Developed with a Building * % Acres Preserved ** % Acres Undeveloped or Used for Highways / Landfill *** % 13,005 5,723 44.0% 3,317 25.5% 3,965 30.5% * Acres developed

Lafarge Can’t Burn Tires!

By Tom Ellis, June/July 2021 Newsletter HUDSON RIVER VALLEY: Residents of Hudson River valley, but especially Ravena and Coeymans, won a great victory on May 5 when the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) commissioner issued a short statement revoking its prior authorization for the Lafarge cement company’s to burn tires at its Ravena cement

Fire Burns House of Save the Pine Bush Founder John Wolcott

ALBANY: On Sunday, May 23, a fire ripped through John Wolcott (one of SPB’s Founders) and Linda Becker’s Sheridan Avenue home. The fire began in the house next door and leapt to the roof of John and Linda’s house. Fortunately, John and Linda were away on vacation and are safe. Unfortunately, the house was a

Experts call for mandatory recycling of products containing rare metals, from The Guardian

Reprinted from The Guardian; Dominick Calsolaro notes that this article supports his call for a Resource Recovery Center – June/July 2021 Save the Pine Bush Newsletter Disc drives, circuit boards, fluorescent lamps and batteries for electric vehicles could be among affected products Rare elements such as indium, yttrium, neodymium, cobalt and lithium are vital for

The Pine Bush & the Pandemic – April 2021 Save the Pine Bush Lecture by Long time Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission (APBPC) Conservation Director Neil Gifford

By Tom Ellis, June/July 2021 Save the Pine Bush Newsletter ON THE INTERNET: Long time Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission (APBPC) Conservation Director Neil Gifford began his April 17, 2021 SPB meeting comments saying, “Thirty years of managing the world’s best scrub oak pitch pine barrens has taught us a lot.” His topic was “The

3131 East Old State Road Subdivision – Pine Bush in Danger !

Dear All, Another proposed development is on the Planning Board agenda for next Wednesday.  Please see information below and link. The EAF notes that Frosted Elfin and Karner Blue are on the site. People who are interested should plan on attending the Planning Board meeting and writing to the Planning Board about this proposal. Thanks

Dumping on 10 New Karner Road

Dear Mr. Wemple and members of the Guilderland Conservation Advisory Council, Thank you very much for allowing Karen White and I to attend the site visit for 10 New Karner Road on April 17, 2021. Save the Pine Bush re-iterates that we oppose any construction on the site.  Though the proposed building site has been clear-cut,