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Everybody Wants One -Preservation Plan Makes Waves – Feb/Mar 94

Sprawl Raises Taxes – The Myth Of The Expanding Tax Base, Feb/Mar 1999

485B – Promoting Destruction of the Pine Bush through Tax Deductions! Feb/Mar 1999   The Portland Plan – A Better Way To Grow -July/Aug 1999   Well, How About Here? Can We Plan the Capital District? -July/Aug 1999 UAlbany Plan Adds to Sprawl — Reprinted from the Times Union Sunday, July 8, 2001, July 01   Sprawl Kills – Sedentary lifestyle can mean obesity and a shorter life in a land without sidewalks., Dec 01/Jan 02

Unhealthy Choice – Reprinted from Metroland, January 31, 2002, by Kathryn Schulz, Feb/Mar 02