Save the Pine Bush

The Pine Bush has played an important historical role in the development of Albany and Schenectady and is enshrined in the literary heritage of the United States. The Song of Hiawatha by William Wadsworth Longfellow is sung by the Indian brave from the Vale of Tawasentha located in the Pine Bush. George Washington wrote of the Pine Bush in his diaries while traveling in upstate New York during the Revolutionary War. In Moby Dick, Herman Melville describes the dark beauty of the Pine Bush in a long account of a stage coach ride from Albany to Schenectady. Vladimir Nabokov and other writers have written about the mystery and beauty of the Pine Bush.

Native American artifacts abound in the Pine Bush at many sites. Over the years, many have been found, including this stone wood scraper used for hollowing out wood for such things as dug-out canoes. However, little or no excavation or reasearch has been done on these sites. This artifact was found by John Wolcott in Guilderland.

Photo by John Wolcott

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