Save the Pine Bush Victories and Fights

Save the Pine Bush began suing the City of Albany over its illegal approvals of developments in the Pine Bush in 1978. There were no environmental laws to protect land from development at that time. So, we sued over sewers – and won. People kept saying, “why bother to sue? No one will ever buy the land and eventually the developers will get their sewers right. Why don’t you just accept that the Pine Bush will soon be paved? What can you possibly accomplish by suing?”

All we knew was that whatever wasn’t built was good for the Pine Bush. So we kept suing. For years and years. In 1986, NYS voters passed the Environmental Bond Act, and like magic, money appeared to buy that land we had been suing over.

We sued the City of Albany over almost everyone who tried to build in the Pine Bush. One developer, Willard T. Anderson, got upset with our suit against the City, and decided to sue us – for $15 million (don’t laugh, I’m serious!). Shortly after the suit was filed, Rezsin Adams, our president, was at a press conference and asked by a reporter, “Mrs. Adams, Save the Pine Bush has just been sued for $15 million. What assets do you have?” Rezsin replied, “Oh, about 200 ‘I’ll never shop Crossgates bumper stickers.'”

We are not done yet. Here is a look at our history of challenges. Ed.


16 Year Victory for SPB – Nature
Conservancy Buys Land

A Stunning Victory! Zoning Approvals Overturned!

All Development Halted – Emergency
Appeal Succeeds!

Conservancy, Albany are Partners in Pine
Bush Land Deal


The Good News, The Bad News And The Ugly

Common Council Sells Out – Albany Bows To Columbia

SPB Sues Guilderland Over Amusement

History Mauled Again – City Did Dirty Deal Selling Historic Site

Another Subdivision Proposed for the Pine Bush

Public Hearings Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Construction Begins Before Court Decides

Common Council Muzzles Hearing

Pyramid is Back! Hoblock Makes A Deal

Stop the Dump! SPB Files for Injunction

Pine Bush Fight Goes Nationwide