Photosimulations of the Besicorp Project

Prepared by T. J. Boyle & Associates, Landscape Architects & Planning Consultants, Burlington, VT.,
for the Rensselaer County Greens, Troy, NY.

Simulations of the Besicorp Project viewed from Island Creek Park, Albany

Current View
Historic Fort Crailo Neighborhood

Current view
Project site: Currently BASF Plant; to be demolished

Proposed facility

Proposed facility with plumes

Last Chance to Say No! – Read about Besicorp

Note: Besicorp will put so much pollution in the air that they are required to purchase pollution credits. The American Lung Association rates Albany County’s air as an "F". We don’t need more air pollution!

Air Pollution From the Empire State Newsprint Project


Protest the building of Besicorp by joining with Eric Daillie and others. For information on how to help, email Eric Daillie at and get involved.

To view the Besicorp Project Application, see

More Photo Simulations:

View from the Dunn Memorial Bridge

View from McCarty Avenue, Albany

View from Fort Crailo, Rennselaer

More Information:

Curent Views Showing Plumes of Existing Power Plant

Aerial Overlay and Cross-section

Hint: To get the full effect of the photo simulations, click through each set of photos (current view, proposed facility, with plume) once, to let the photos load. Then, click through the photos again, once or twice, noticing the buildings and plume of smoke. See how the view changes.