Famous Lasagna Dinners

Famous Lasagna Dinners

Famous Lasagna Dinners

Nearly every month for the past eighteen years, Save the Pine Bush has hosted a vegetarian lasagna dinner. That’s "All of the Vegetarian Lasagna You Can Eat with Garden Salad, Garlic Bread and Homemade Pies for Dessert Only $10 for Adults, $5 for Students, and $2 for Children." Save the Pine Bush began its fund-raising career with these dinners and now they have become a monthly "must do" event. Rezsin Adams makes the lasagna and pies, Ted Adams prepares the garlic bread Rezsin’s made 10,000 dinners.

But, we don’t just feast at our dinners. We invite a diverse group of speakers to tell us what they know about the Pine Bush and the environment. Here is a sample of some of our more controversial dinner speakers. Here is information about our current dinner. Ed.

Save the Pine Bush Dinner Speakers

Lasagna Makes You Smarter, Speakers Frank Robinson and Jerry Mueller, Oct/Nov 96

November, 1996 SPB Dinner Speakers

Now We’ve Got A Bond Act – Jeff Jones of Environmental Advocates

Bethlehem Pickled – Formaldahyde And Corruption, speaker Linda Burtis

Poor Folks Don’t Mind A Garbage Dump In North Albany, Speaker Aaron Mair

Pine Bush Plants – Vanish Loss of Wetlands Cited , Speaker: Janet Mattox

Words Over Lasagna – Recent Dinner Speakers: Dr. George Robinson, James Howard Kunstler, Harmonious Hogchokers and Willie Janeway

Ward Stone Gives ‘Em Hell! Declares Support for Save the Pine Bush, Speaker: Ward Stone

The Pine Bush in a Zoo? Speaker: Rachel Baum

Glaciers Are Melting-But They’ll Be Back, Speaker: Dr. Peter Buttner

SPB Awarded Stewardship of Aquifer, Speaker: Allan Tedrow

The Politics of Hunting, Ward Stone Mothers a Bear, Speaker: Ward Stone

Vegetarian Lasagna Dinner

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