Lasagna Dinners

by Lynne Jackson

We all miss getting together every month to eat delicious lasagna. Covid is still with us, and probably will be with us for decades to come. Is it time for Save the Pine Bush to start thinking about getting together again to eat delicious lasagna and enjoy each other’s company?

But, is the loosening of covid restrictions a good idea? On February 9, 2022, the NY Times reports that 2576 Americans died of the disease on just that one day — a horrific, on-going, death toll. The media reports that people are “moving on” from the pandemic. As a an older person myself, I feel that seniors are being thrown under the bus.

Are we ready to start meeting in person again? Given the average age of people who attend dinners, should we protect ourselves by requiring proof of vaccination for all attendees?

I am very interested in peoples’ thoughts regarding getting together again in person. Or, under what conditions you think we can safely get together. Please let me know what you think by emailing me at