The Pine Bush in a Zoo?

The Pine Bush in a Zoo?

The Pine Bush in a Zoo?

by Daniel W. Van Riper, Oct./Nov. 90

The zoo may not be in the Pine Bush, but the Pine Bush might end up in the zoo.
At the September Save the Pine Bush lasagna dinner, Rachel Baum, president of the Capital District Zoological Society, gave a streamlined presentation of her efforts to have a zoo built in the City of Albany, at a cost of $35 million. Although she refused to reveal the location of the 200 acre site, she assured those present that it would not be built in the Pine Bush, hinting only that the parcel under consideration is "farmland."

According to Ms. Baum, a zoo is necessary as a "Noah’s ark" for endangered species, serving as a "breeding and survival center for wildlife." To help these animals survive, it is important for people to come in contact with them, she said, because "We will conserve only what we love, and we love only what we understand." In answer to strong opposition from veterinarians and animal rights organizations in the Capital District, she claimed that her zoo would be "a model for humane treatment of animals."

Although she did not make this proposal during her presentation, Ms. Baum indicated to Lynne Jackson over the phone that she would like to see a "re-creation of the Pine Bush ecosystem at the entrance to the zoo." Admitting that she would need assistance with this project, she hoped to consult with local experts, and with Save the Pine Bush in particular.

Where do we stand on the Zoo?

by Daniel W. Van Riper, Oct./Nov. 90

SPB will not allow a zoo to be built in the Pine Bush. 200 acres of Pine Bush are too precious to overlook. If the Zoo Society decides to build there, we will gather our resources, we will take them to court, and we will win.

$35 million is probably a very conservative estimate of the cost to build the zoo, and that the newspaper estimate of $50 million+ is more likely. This money could buy all the remaining land in the Pine Bush. Keeping in mind the admitted deceptions used to finance the Knickerbocker Arena, we can only suggest that all taxpayers should take a long hard look at this zoo.

Editor’s Comment

Well, its now 1996, and we have heard nothing else about building a zoo in the Pine Bush. A waterslide park, a kiddie fun park, houses and offices have all been proposed, but no zoo.

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