Garage Sale Sucess!

Percy Schmeiser, a life-long farmer and seed saver from Bruno, Saskatchewan, Canada, and former mayor and member of the provincial legislature, has spent the last five years embroiled in a battle with Monsanto after the its patent-protected Roundup Ready canola contaminated his fields  This 73-year-old has become an international folk hero in the struggle against genetically engineered crops and global domination of our food supply by a handful of corporations. His landmark case against Monsanto will be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada, just 6 days before his Albany appearance. Organized by the Regional Farm & Food Project. Co-sponsors include Honest Weight Food Coop, Siena Program for Sustainable Land Use, the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, The Nature Institute, Save the Pine Bush, and Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace. Free and open to the public.  A 5-$10 donation at the event is suggested to help defray Percy Schmeiser’s legal expenses.  (Additional funds may be sent to Regional Farm & Food Project, 295 Eighth St., Troy, NY 12180, with a memo “For Percy Schmeiser”) For more info or to volunteer, contact Regional Farm & Food Project, 518/271-0744,