Roads are Killing the Pine Bush

Can any study be good for the Pine Bush that cannot even spell “Pine Bush” correctly? The Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) has released draft two of “Pinebush [sic] Transportation Study Update”.

At first glance, this study is not as bad as previous transportation studies, but there is still enough in here to cause worry for the Pine Bush.

The study suggests that some of the traffic issues on Route 155 could be solved by putting in roundabouts at intersections such as Washington Ave. Ext. and Route 155 and Old State Road and Route 155. Also, the study suggests that Pinehurst Blvd could be re-aligned with Madison Avenue Extension, taking land from the Preserve and fragmenting the ecosystem.

Any enlargement of Route 155 whether by roundabouts or lane expansion would be a disaster for the Pine Bush ecosystem and would probably require taking land from the Preserve. Save the Pine Bush opposes any expansion of Rte 155.

In addition, the study only gives lip services to bicycle and pedestrian safety and ignores any real analysis of mass transit. The study does note that people tend to avoid this area, and that only a minor increase in traffic has occurred since the last study in 1985.

The study can be found on the web at:

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