We Have the Power

by Sheree Craigue

Surprising to many, trash from the NYS Government offices goes to the City of Albany’s Rapp Road landfill. This gives the Rapp Road landfill a “special” legal status, unique among all of NY State’s landfills. This “special” status has been the cause of several Save the Pine Bush lawsuits being lost in the courts.

Good news may be on the horizon for NYS’s addiction to the Rapp Road landfill. At the last SPB dinner, speaker DEC’s Val Washington offered to take to the proper staff at DEC contact information from State workers in the audience who want to help their workplaces reduce, reuse, recycle.

While this is indeed heartening, I do not wish to rely soley on DEC. We have the power – We and our coworkers – I invite fellow NYS Education Dept. workers to contact me at home (Sheree@nycap.rr.com) to see how we can help our workplace become a model of sustainability, in trash and energy use.