Pine Bush Commission Update

The Field Guide, a Natural History, Identification & Conservation of a Regional Treasure by David W. MacDougall (published by The Environmental Clearing House, Niskayuna, New York 2007) is a charming paperback full of photographs and drawings and a very easy-to-read, brief text. Chapters include: Natural History, Identification, Biology, Family Blues, Nectar & Host Plant Identification. Conservation, Albany Pine Bush Preserve & Saratoga Spa State Park & Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park, Species Associated with KBB Habitat, Frosted Elfin and Bits & Pieces, Glossary & References.

In his Forward, MacDougall writes, “It has been very disheartening to me that every butterfly guide I can find only mentions the Karner blue in passing as if it were non-important. . . . The main reason for this field guide is that the Karner blue is a local native and can be found in several places in the capital district. This gives our region a great treasure but also carries with it a great responsibility. It’s up to every one, citizen and scientist alike to make sure that we don’t lose this tiny creature and that it lives on in the ages to come. (For information on how to obtain a copy, call 462-0891).

Published in the Oct/Nov 2007 Save the Pine Bush newsletter