Zeroing Out Waste Conference

You are invited to the first statewide

Zeroing Out Waste Conference

Saturday, November 15, 2008, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Westminster Presbyterian Church,
Use entrance at 85 Chestnut St., Albany , NY 12210

Speakers Include:

Neil Seldman, Institute of Local Self Reliance
Professor Paul Connett, International Waste Management Researcher Majora Carter, Environmental Justice Leader, Founder Sustainable South Bronx
Barbara Warren, Citizens’ Environmental Coalition

Why do we have so much garbage? What can we do to prevent it? Looking at the trash question as a resource issue and a problem of industrial design is ushering in bold alternatives to leaking landfills and polluting incinerators in forward-thinking cities and countries around the world. What can New Yorkers do to bring these solutions to our state and communities?

New Yorkers have a great opportunity to transform our solid waste practices as the state is finally revising its Solid Waste Policy. National expert speakers will discuss how NY communities can start zeroing out waste with reuse, recycling, composting and remanufacturing. The conference features speaker presentations followed by strategy sessions on key zero waste issues, including fighting incinerators & landfills, composting all organics (food & yard waste, etc), economic development and green jobs, pitfalls of privatization and waste prevention.

Sponsored by Citizens’ Environmental Coalition (CEC)

For information, contact CEC at 518-462-5527 X16 or, Directions:

$15.00 Conference Fee includes lunch and refreshments. Scholarships are available.

Information on the Zero Waste Conference Speakers

Paul Connett, International researcher and campaigner on waste management and recently retired Chemistry Professor. Paul is known for his decades of work effectively fighting incinerators around the world making over 2,000 presentations in the U.S. and 50 other countries. He is the only one we know that can make waste funny!

Neil Seldman, President of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. Neil is known for his work effectively fighting incinerators, and for his economic perspective and promotion of alternatives like waste reduction. He is an economic development & jobs expert utilizing resources in our waste stream.

Majora Carter, Founder of Sustainable South Bronx, distinguished Mac Arthur Fellow and environmental justice leader. Majora teaches sustainability through the lens of social justice and has appeared on many TV and radio programs. She promotes environmental justice, sustainability and green collar jobs.

Barbara Warren, Executive Director of Citizens’ Environmental Coalition, Formerly with Consumers Union and the NYC Zero Waste Campaign. Barbara helped to prevent the building of incinerators in NYC, led the effort to close Fresh Kills landfill and has addressed environmental justice burdens of waste.

Published in the Nov/Dec 2008 Newletter