Save the Pine Bush


Earth Day at the

Village of Colonie

Village of Colonie: On Earth Day, the Village of Colonie held a public meeting about the proposed landfill expansion. Residents of the Village of Colonie and members of the public were invited to speak about their concerns about the proposed expansion. Save the Pine Bush volunteers attended the hearing.

About 150 people came out to speak and to listen. Mayor Frank Leak opened the hearing saying that he wanted to hear people’s concerns about the proposed expansion. He said that no one was listening to the Village of Colonie. To demonstrate how much the Village cared about the concerns of the people, the Village hired a stenographer to record all of the comments made.

A transcript of the meeting is available by email from the Village of Colonie at


The Proposed Hotel

ALBANY: On April 6, during the caucus for the Albany Common Council, the Honorable Dominick Calsolaro brought up the issue that the Common Council has the right to determine the mitigation for the proposed hotel in the Pine Bush. After some discussion, the legislation which would have permitted the hotel was referred back to the Planning, Economic Development and Land Use committee. The committee has yet to take up the issue of mitigation for the hotel, and no approvals have been given..

In other news for the hotel, the Court of Appeals will hear the oral argument in the original court case for the proposed hotel on September 15. Mark your calendars plan to attend! It is not every day one of our cases heard by the highest court in New York State!

Attorney Steve Downs filed the original case for Save the Pine Bush against the Albany Common Council in 2006 over nine issues, including the fact that the hotel site is occupied habitat for the Karner Blue. The City challenged SPB’s standing to sue. Both the Supreme Court, and the Appellate Division upheld SPB’s right to sue. However, the City has decided to bring the case to the Court of Appeals.

The issue of standing is extremely important. After all, if SPB can’t get into court, then our cases cannot be heard on the merits. Everyone who is interested in the rights of citizens to make the government follow the law should come on September 15 to hear this case.





Published in the June/July 2009 Newsletter