Neither a Borrower or a Lender Be

By Terry O’Neill


“The days of wine and roses did never go away”–

The message of the budget Mayor Jennings has in play.

For fifteen years he’s not foreseen a single rainy day.

The time has come that for this fiscal fecklessness we’ll pay.

His buddy George Pataki helped us live beyond our means.

Now the piper’s bill is due and so are all the liens.

‘cause when that Wall Street crashed and tanked and all went up in smoke

Albany was not exempt from going nearly broke.

But Jerry has for all these years rubbed shoulders with the wealthy

The delusion this has put him in for the city is not healthy.

The town is just a city not a profit-making firm.

Soon this bleak reality will make our Mayor squirm.

But not before our taxes rise and services get cut

Will everyone in Albany see he’s got us in a rut.

Democrats are infamous for their taxing and their spending.

Now Jerry’s got us hooked but good on predatory lending.



Published in the October/November 2009 Newsletter