Speak Out on Pesticides

Albany Common Council held it’s first Ad Hoc Committee Meeting on Pesticides in June. We are making headway in that the City admitted to longstanding violations of its pesticides policy. The committee has dedicated itself to making positive changes.

Our voice are very much needed to

1) Advocate for pesticide reductions in the plans for a “Restoration” of habitat in the Pine Bush

2) To include in the law a ban on rodenticides, which bioaccumulate in the food chain, killing owls, hawks and other top carnivores in the city pesticide ban. Mechanical trapping has worked very well at the Landfill.

3) Advocate for City watershed protection such as rain gardens, which will filter some of the pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and other contaminants from stormwater. We need to encourage positive environmental practices as we challenge negative ones.

The meeting on pesticides is on Wednesday at July 14th at 6pm after a 5:30 Caucus.





Published in July/August Newsletter 2010